Friday, March 29, 2013

Run for God - 12 weeks later

WOW! I can't believe last night was the end of our 12 week Run for God bible study! Allison and I had no idea what to expect when we started this process. Our group blew our minds, God blew our minds during this study. We experienced our own success and defeats as the leaders of the study. More importantly we experienced the success of many of the members. 

During the closing session last night we asked "What did you gain from the past 12 weeks?" Here's a few of the answers : 

"We, as a couple, talk more openly and more often about Christ in our home and with our children." 

"I ran my first 5K and praised God at the finish line." 

"I ran an 8K and felt pretty good." 

"I have never participated in a study such as this and I hope to continue more involvement to get in the word even more." 

"I have started reading my bible daily, that's new for me." 

"I have connected with new friends and reconnected with old ones." 

"I have enjoyed encouraging others along the same path as me." 

"I have sore feet." - This comment received an arousing amen, ha! :-)

All of these answers bring a tear to my eyes. This was our/my hope! I wanted to share our passion in faith and our love of fitness with others around us. I wanted people to see that our fitness goals are often similar to our faith related goals. I wanted everyone, including myself to live out Hebrews 12:1 ~ "Therefore we also, since are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so ensares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us". We each have our own race to run but that doesn't mean you can't stop and encourage a friend or stranger along the way. 

I am so excited for all our members who gave it their all through the training. Even when struggling with shin splints and various other painful issues, they never gave up. We have some that have set goals of running longer races in the coming months or year. 

On this Good Friday, I am excited to celebrate with the Fellowship Baptist Run for God family. Y'all did it! Congratulations!! 

I hope everyone has a joyful Easter weekend. Several of our Run for God members will be running a local 5k Saturday morning. My hope is through our group we can reach out to the fellow runners and show them love and faith for 3.1 miles! 

Coming in May, the Fellowship Baptist Run for God group will run alongside the Generations Church Run for God group in support of the Mercy Ministries 5K. If you're in Tallahassee or within driving distance please consider joining us for this race. Register online :

Happy Easter! 

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