Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hi, it's time to write, again!

Looking back at my posts, I realize that my intended short break from keeping up with this blog turned into almost a year break! The above quote seems appropriate somehow! 

If I tried to update everything over the past year I'd be writing for days! It's been a great year... a few high spots, a few low spots; however, overall a great year! 

RJ is ready for 7th grade in a few short weeks. He has discovered a new passion for Golf. We have spent plenty of time at the driving range lately! Mr. Woods and I are trying to survive the juggling of family, church, fitness, etc.. The list could on and be quite boring! 

My time at BA Fitness is amazing as always. Classes are filling back up with the close of summer vacations. Our CEO is coming up with new creative class designs all the time. Recently, we launched a "Girl Power Camp". Myself and the other Coaches didn't know quite what to expect when we opened to the doors to the sweet little girls. Our summers have been blessed by spending 4 nights a week for 4 weeks with these families and their daughters. We have been able to share our passion of faith and fitness through a whole new avenue. I love how they listen so intently to the lessons and repeat the stories to their parents.  I love their passion for tackling a new workout! Last night they told us that Shockwave and Row were among the favorites of all the workouts. The camp was even featured in the local newspaper, here's the story : http://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2015/07/20/girl-power-summer-camp-inspires-young-girls/30419995/. The camp ends on Thursday, I think it's safe to none of us are ready for it to come to an end!

Running is just that...running. I had a great spring race season only to end up in a boot due to a stress fracture for a few weeks. I tried my best to maintain my upper body and core strength during my time in the boot. Summer training is taking it's toll but how can it not with 95% humidity on most mornings that our group takes on the pavement. We call it the "summer slowdown" with high hopes that it will make us faster in the fall. I'm currently training for another Half Marathon. I told the girls after last year's Women's Running Series Half Marathon in Nashville, TN that I was officially retiring from anything over a 10K. A year later, I couldn't pass up the appeal of a hometown run in the fall, my favorite time of year in Tallahassee! I have registered for the Race 13.1 in Tallahassee on November 15, 2015. August 1st started my training for this half marathon, I suspected many of my upcoming blog posts will be about that training! 

I look forward to being back in the "blog world" and sharing with you the excitement of all things family, faith and fitness from the Woods' household! 


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