Monday, December 30, 2013

Miles and Miles

I hope that everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas break with your family and friends. I have been celebrating the birth of Christ and getting ready for a big trip across the country...more on that later! I made it a personal goal to keep up with my workouts during the month of December and not let the holiday craziness derail my fitness train. I am pleased to say that I have maintained the number on the scale the entire month and managed to develop a passion of rowing thanks to my friends at Badass Fitness!! 

One of my favorite moments from this month happened on the day after Christmas. My sweet husband gave me a new Garmin Forerunner 10 as well as a new pair of Asic running shoes for Christmas and I couldn't wait to break it all in! I had planned to meet up with our local MRTT group for a quick 5mile run; however, it was a chilly misty morning. I opted for a treadmill run instead. I never do well on a treadmill so I was content to get in 2.21 miles. I continued my workout that morning on the elliptical and while pumping away I started to add up my miles from 2013. Boy was I was giddy to figure out that those 2.21 miles on the treadmill had pushed me to 600 miles for the year. Yep, 600 MILES! I had not set a goal for a certain number of miles for the year so this was quite the surprise. 

Those 600 miles have increased to 602 and will be even higher after my run New Year's Eve run with the ladies of MRTT in the morning. WOW! How does one to get that many miles in a year? Let's do a little math...

8 x 13.1 = 104.8
5 x 10K = 30.5 
1 x 15K = 9.3
Countless 5K's

The rest of those miles were training miles! I wish I could recap every single race, training mile, etc..; however, we'd be here all day. I have said it before and I will say it again I am blessed with an amazing family, amazing friends and the most encouraging running partners ever! 

What will 2014 look like in my running world? I am still not sure! I have put together a purposed running calendar, including a few races I am seriously considering running. We will just have to see which one's I make it to with the Badass Babes! I am secretly hoping (well not so secret since he reads my blog) that my husband will join me for more races this year, too! 

18th - MRTT Virtual 10K 
26th - Hot Chocolate 15/5K Atlanta, Ga

23rd - 26.2 with Donna Half Marathon 

1st - TRBC 10K
15th - Gate to Gate - maybe
22nd - Bainbridge, Ga Half Marathon - maybe I will join the girls for the honey buns

12th - Palace Saloon 5K
26th - Run for Mercy 5K - Co-Director 

4th - Peachtree Road Race

27th - Women's Running Series Nashville - praying the football schedule agrees with this pre-paid registration! 

8th - Rock n Roll Savannah - maybe, if the football schedule cooperates 
23rd - Women's Running Series St. Petersburg - maybe, if the football schedule cooperates 

As you can see I am leaning towards the "14 in 2014 challenge". I had great success with the "13 in 2013" challenge but again we will see what happens! You will notice considerably less Half Marathons for 2014, if I do this challenge it will include more 15K and 10K races. I have 2 more days before I have to declare all my goals for the year so maybe I will change my mind by then....not likely. 

I did learn a valuable lesson throughout all those miles this year. I sincerely hope others will learn to appreciate this quote as well!! 

I would love to know your goals for 2014! Accountability is the key to staying on target!

See ya next year!! :-)

Friday, December 20, 2013

13 in 2013 - I made it!

11 months ago I began this little blog and I wrote about my goals for the coming year.
Then in May I wrote an update on the activity leading to my goal of "13 in 2013". Today, I am happy to say I did it! I completed 13 races in 2013. I knew from the beginning that 13 Half Marathons would be really hard so I decided to incorporate a 15K and a few 10K's to help me reach my goal. I learned quite a bit about myself during all these races. I am very happy to have shared this experience with the Badass Babes, Shannon and Allison. We were joined by several other friends at some of the races, each race has it's on "story". 

January took us from the St. Marks Trail to Amelia Island with three races. 
February was a month in which I learned to be thankful for warm running clothes, good laughs for 13 miles with great friends and walking a half marathon is just as good as running one! Allison and I become official members of the Half Fanatics during this time, too! 
I spent March and part of April trying to rehab and strengthen my legs. I ran several local 5K's and cheered on my friends at a few 10K's. In the midst of the training I did get a 5K PR of 28:51 at the FSU Austism 5K. That provided a little encouragement for the end of April as I felt strong and gave it a try, again! 
We took some time off from traveling in May and June. Our bodies needed a break and I needed to focus on my cross training to strengthen the legs even more. During July we turned it up and pushed hard for a good finish to 2013! 

July was hot but it didn't stop us! 
  • The Peachtree Road Race 10K - 1:07:21 - We didn't let a little rain dampen our patriotic spirits! This is by far our favorite weekend. From the shopping to the eating to the racing we had a ton of fun. 
  • MRTT Running Mad 10K - 1:04:27 - Rain, again! The course was tough but again we didn't let a little rain keep us from enjoying a great run!
In August the Florida heat was brutal and we focused on training in the early mornings to get us ready for the upcoming half marathons. The Badass Babes had new goals to reach, regardless of that heat! 

September gave me another 5K PR at the 5K at Fifth and the Badass Babes took an epic road trip ! I am pretty sure this trip goes down in history as one the best vacations for all of us! 
October provided a little heart break on the coast in Panama City Beach, FL after such an amazing race in Nashville. 
  • Run for the Treasure Half Marathon - 2:32:22 - (There is no post recap link for this one, oops!) Running alongside the beach is tougher than you'd think. This course was a mental battle and a strength battle both of which I lost that day. Yes, I am still kicking myself over this one :-) 
November provided a chance to close out 2013 with a bang! I didn't break the 2:18 PR but I came pretty darn close!!! 
  • Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon and Half Marathon - 2:20:46 - I ran this beautiful course alongside my friend Jenny knowing that my hubby at the finish. It may not have been a PR but it's a special memory to me! RnR has won my heart! 
  • Women's Running Series St. Pete Half Marathon - 2:21:45 - This race brought us back to beautiful St. Pete and the Vinoy. Enough said! Another epic race weekend with the girls!! 
  • Turkey Trot 10K - 57:16:00 - I just realized I never posted the race recap, eek! This race provided a 10K PR on an extremely cold Thanksgiving morning where my trainer/friend and my husband were both waiting at the finish. Life could've only better if my son and BRB had been there, too! 
Like everyone else December brought a busy personal schedule. There hasn't been much running or blogging about running with all the holiday business! I did participate in one final 5K for the year in Charlotte, NC where I ran the ACC Chase 5K. Again, there is no post race blog, I need to get better about posting those blogs!!! I didn't PR with a 28:41 time but I did get 3rd in our age group! Two of us from the Tallahassee chapter of MRTT brought home 1st and 3rd in our age group. 

Whew! That's a lot of fun to remember for one blog! This year was amazing, I wasn't entirely sure I could pull off this many races and/or trips in one year. Having completed all these races with such a supporting family and an amazing group of friends makes my heart extremely happy. I do not know what 2014 will hold but nothing will come close to fun of completing the 13 in 2013 challenge! 

Just a few of my favorite photos from the year: 

Jan 2013 - MRTT

Jan 2013 - Badass Babes 

Red Shoe Run 

MRTT Running Mad



St. Pete 

To my family and friends, thank you for everything this year! You were all awesome and none of that would happened without each of you!