Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Fellas + Running = Happy Momma

If you're keeping up with this blog then you know that one of my goals for this year (and every year that I blessed to be alive) is to find unique ways to enjoy more family time with my fellas. This weekend provided us a ton of family time so here's a few highlights! 

Riley has been anxious to get started with the Run for God workouts. We are a little behind with his running due to his schedule with visiting his Dad. This weekend we woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and headed to Godby High School. We ran for a total of 2.72 miles in 31 minutes. We accomplished this by running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds, toward the end of our time we ran from one light pole around to another. Riley had a blast as did Scott and I. To be honest, Riley could have gone a little faster but I held him back so we could work on his breathing. Riley has asthma and while I've never allowed his asthma to hold him back I do feel it is important to teach him proper technique with his running. The best part of this activity was on the way out of the parking lot he thanked us for taking him. How cool is that?! My child thanked us for teaching him to run and be healthy - very cool Mommy moment! 

After our run we spent a few hours at the ball field. We originally planned to attend Children's Day at the History Museum in downtown Tallahassee; however, Riley was invited to a baseball practice with a few of his pals from school. We let Riley decide and he picked baseball - not a surprise! It was good for him to be out there just playing for fun without the pressure of tryouts or being in a game. He is very competitive so even practice can be a bit intense! It was also good for Scott and I to be able to watch him enjoy the morning with his friends and help out around the park. After 2 hours of Riley being on the field for non-stop baseball & me helping with spring baseball registration we were ready for lunch. While on our way to lunch he thanked us again for taking him to play ball! Another very cool Mommy moment, he truly loves the sport and appreciated us changing our plans to take him to play! 

The remainder of the weekend was spent hanging out around the house, watching basketball and even a movie! That never happens, I do mean never. Of course on Sunday we attended church, that afternoon it was back to the ball field for Scott and Riley. 

Sunday evening Riley asked us to take him running one night during the week so we agreed that if he did all his homework without any attitude we would run on Monday evening with the R4G crew. Homework is usually a struggle with him; however, when I arrived at his school to pick him up yesterday he was all smiles. He completed all his homework, including reading and couldn't wait to get home to meet up with Scott. Again, we had a slight change of plans so we wound up back at the track. We only got in 2.5 miles in 31 minutes last night, I just couldn't keep up to a small issue with my IT band . We did intervals of run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds then run 3minutes, walk 3minutes. He seemed to enjoy the 3 minute intervals more than the short ones. Again, we talked about his breathing. He did struggle a little bit so I made him take a few puffs of his inhaler afterwards. We will work through this and just make sure his inhaler is with us each time we run! Overall it was a successful afternoon on the track and he was thankful for us taking him. I love that he is developing a little passion for running!! 

After we settled in last night, Riley asked me to make him dish of the Whole 30 approved Egg Scramble that I made to share with friends on Sunday. I spent a few minutes throwing it together and this morning he ate two plates full of eggs, spinach and turkey sausage. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Riley asking me for anything with spinach in it! 

I hope that you all enjoyed these little highlights from our fun filled weekend! Stay tuned as I will have many posts about baseball as we prepare for player evaluations later in the month of February and Opening Day in April. 

Much love,

Riley, Scott and I after 2.71miles

Friday, January 25, 2013

R4G ~ Week #3

Last night we had about 50 of our normal group join us for week #3 of our bible study. We were missing a few due to work interference, sickness and being away from Tallahassee. We missed those of you that couldn't make it. 

The major point of our discussion was focused on who or what gets in the way of you completing your spiritual task(s) as well as you physical task(s). The answer is easy, I get in my own way in accomplishing both! I struggle with self doubt in both areas. Lately, God has been showing me some things differently but it's still a struggle. I also allow negative comments from people of my past play too large of a role in my current spiritual walk and physical run. I find myself wanting to prove them wrong all the time, rather than staying focused on Christ and his plans. God gave me a certain body type for me, not for anyone else. It is my responsibility to stay healthy strong and use this body to do good for him. I appreciate the people in life that often remind me to "run my race" not theirs. My other favorite quote from one our Badass Fitness Army friends Randy is "Slow and Steady wins the race".   I repeat those two quotes to myself at the start line of every race! 

So funny, I have had two co-workers tell me they are thankful for my honesty about faith and fitness. They are thankful for my encouragement to  them to do greater things with their lives. I have tears in my eyes! All I want is for people to get healthy, be happy and enjoy life! The best way to do this is surround yourself by positive people and get moving and get on your knees to praise God for your ability to move! 

Our R4G group has enjoyed some exciting triumphs already, can you believe we have 9 weeks to go! Watch out Tallahassee here comes the Fellowship Run for God group!! 

Group Photo 1/24/2013 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Goals ~ Update

Well it's been 20 days since I wrote a post alerting you all to my 2013 goals. I figure it's time for a little update! 

Whole 3/4 (aka Whole 30) - This has been a difficult challenge for me; therefore, after a discussion amongst friends this weekend we determined I am doing Whole 30 modified to Whole 3/4! I am not ashamed that I had to make some modifications to the program to fit me. I am proud of my friends that are able to stick strictly to the Whole 30 program. I have been supportive of them every step of the way and will continue to do so all the way to the "end"! I began this program a little later than most due to my traveling to the Orange Bowl the beginning of the year. I knew there was no way I could attend that game and not drink a soda (which sounds funny because I don't drink soda on a regular basis but there is something about a cold beverage while watching football that I can't pass up!) or have some good stadium food. I did promptly begin the challenge once we were home from our trip. I have done very good with preparing my meals for work, breakfast and lunch most days. I have done fairly well with preparing meals for our family. We have experienced a few failed attempts at new recipes but have managed to salvage them enough to eat. Scott has been supportive about my new eating needs/wants and makes sure that when we do go somewhere it has something I can eat. He may not be participating in the program but he is keeping me accountable, that's what counts! I have added back a few things into my diet due to a little blood sugar issue, nothing serious just noticeable. You are not supposed to have any sugar on this program. In order to find the right balance I found that I could add sugar back into my morning coffee and do okay the remainder of the day. I also eat a banana every morning for the potassium. I have also added back in brown rice when trying to "carb load" for a race. Again, I have done this because it's right for me. I am a firm believer in this program! I really do try to stick to the program in every way possible. I have found that I like almond butter just as well as peanut butter and it's way better for me! I have tried new vegetables that I never thought I would eat much less have a slight craving for such as squash. I enjoyed a breakfast this weekend that included a side of fresh sliced tomatoes, to some of you this is not a big, to me it was huge! I don't really care for a sliced tomato but hey it wasn't so bad!! The best part of this program is that even with my simple modifications I have seen results. I have more energy, I am not feeling bloated, the list could go on and on. I am not craving junk food, which let me tell you is a slight miracle! Best of all, my clothes are fitting so much better. Today is especially exciting as I am wearing a pair of pants that haven't fit in quite some time. Not only did they not fit, they wouldn't go over my hips - GASP! I have a few more weeks to go on the program so I am excited to see what other changes take place. Stay tuned!! 

Run For God - This bible study continues to blow us away weekly. I have been updating each week on the progress of the program, feel free to go back and read those specific blogs as well. We are embarking on Week #3 tomorrow night and it's sure to be a great evening. We have 80 or so folks signed up for the program - 3 of those are participating virtually. We have seen such growth in the hearts and bodies of the members! We have seen friends gathering at all hours of the day and night to get in their miles, some walking and some running. Our first group race will be in 4 weeks - the YAT Break a Leg 5K through midtown Tallahassee. I think everyone will have a great time! I can't express our thankfulness enough to all the participants of the program. We are so excited to see all the changes happening within each of you! I will continue to post a weekly update of our program so you too can share in our excitement. 

13 in 2013 - 3 races down - 10 to go and it's only January 23rd! If we are able to keep our current schedule we will complete our 7th race on March 2nd. I am taking a 2 week break to recover and prepare for 2 more half marathons in February. When I decided to join the group in this challenge, I never dreamed we'd be at the half way mark by March! One thing is for sure, if you tell us it's not possible then we will show you just how possible it is. Through training runs, bootcamps and weight circuits at the gym I have been able to take minutes off my time. I am finally down to 2:30:52 and I am hoping to break 2:30 at the St. Pete Rock n Roll. Beyond that, I just want to have fun! These next races will take us from one coast of Florida to the another. To be honest, this goal is to show myself that I can do 13 races in a year and I can have a blast doing so! If it becomes "unfun" then I will reevaluate; however, I just don't see that happening!! 

We have plenty of other fun things going on around the house as well. Baseball season for Riley is about to back in full swing! We are a little disappointed that he didn't make a local competitive league. Life goes on and we will turn a negative into a positive experience for him. Scott and I are in the midst of organizing a Spring Break / 10th birthday trip for Riley. That week is sure to provide some much needed family time. Before any of that happens we will enjoy the start of FSU Baseball. We all three look forward to our days and nights spent at Dick Howser Stadium in the Spring. We are looking forward to a few weekends of no plans coming up, yes, you read that right we have no plans for 2 straight weekends! That alone will provide us with time for the 3 of us to enjoy each other! 

I hope you are all working hard toward your own 2013 goals! Let me hear some updates!! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Zooma Florida - Amelia Island

This is a recap of the Badass Babes trip to Zooma Florida - the Good, the Bad and the Emotional! Zooma Women's Race Series is a must if you are looking a great race weekend experience to share with your girlfriends!

We had a total of 6 ladies for this run, 5 from Tallahassee, FL and 1 from just outside Jacksonville, FL. The 5 of us from Tallahassee drove over to Amelia Island, FL on Friday afternoon in time to hit the Zooma Florida Expo held at the host resort the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island. We fell in love with the Ritz Carlton at first site. The resort is beautiful and it sits on the beautiful beaches of Amelia Island. We headed straight for the expo upon arrival. The expo was a tad smaller than we had hoped for but fun nonetheless. At the expo we realized this was the first race of their series to be hosted in the area which we thought was super neat! There were 700+ registered for the Half Marathon and the 5K! I suspect once the word gets out they will have higher registration next year!! I received an awesome swag bag complete with a tech shirt and a Zooma Florida running hat. We will also be getting a water bottle and a yoga mat in the mail, YAY! After everyone was checked in we headed to a local restaurant named Baxter's for a yummy pre-race meal. We fueled on local fresh seafood and steaks, overall everyone had a nice time! All of us were in bed by 9:00pm, whew party girls we were not, haha!

The Badass Babes all checked in and ready to go! 

Saturday morning we were up by 5:30am and after a sweet prayer we headed to load the bus to the start line by 6:45am. We had never used race day transportation from event organizers like this before and only had heard of nightmares about missing the start, etc.. Zooma proved those stories to be wrong! The bus loaded a few minutes early and we were heading to historic downtown Fernandina Beach by 7:05am. Great job Zooma! We had an hour to spare until the start of the race. We quickly retreated to the near by Hampton Inn to get out of the wind. It was unusually windy and chilly for the area. We were joined by many by the fire in the lobby of the Hampton. It was nice to chat with others to see where people were from, we met ladies from Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA, New Hampshire and Illinois. They sadly had hoped for a little bit warmer weather. Once the race started we ran through the beautiful and quaint historic downtown Fernandina Beach through a quiet neighborhood to the Tiger Point Marina. It was at the marina that I realized I was going to be faced with a bit of challenge - running over a BRIDGE. If you've ever traveled with me then you know this was a little scary. I took a deep breath, said a quick prayer and stayed toward the middle of the bridge. I didn't look to either side, just straight ahead. Now, I must tell you this is not a huge bridge but a bridge is a bridge! Then we traveled through the beautiful Fort Clinch State Park. This provided us much needed shade and shelter from the howling winds. It was flat but enjoyable. At one point we did an out and back portion where the Badass Babes could cheer each other on, it was perfectly timed for this runner. I love seeing my girls along the way even if they are way ahead of me! Once we left the park we made a right turn onto A1A. This portion of the race brought a huge smile to my face as we passed the little spot on Amelia Island where my husband purposed in May 2011 and yes, I snapped a quick picture for him. From there it was a straight steady course to the finish. I had been ahead of the 2:30 pace runner the entire race until mile 11 or so, then she passed me. Boy was that a defeating moment! I wanted so badly to be at 2:30 mark this race. This was a goal I had set early in training. I was very emotional and argued with myself the remaining mile or so. This is where some confusion set in. I turned the corner into Peter's Park thinking it was the finish as my Nike+ program said it was! Well, shockingly enough I had to run on the beach, yikes! Our group had not prepared for a true beach ending, which I might add it was an uphill beach ending. That just about did this emotional runner in until I came around the sand dune where I could see the finish line. At the finish line was the race clock saying I was on top of that 2:30 mark I so badly wanted to be at for my time; however, most importantly there stood the Badass Babes cheering and screaming as I crossed the finish line. I cried, I do mean ugly cry. Thank goodness for sunglasses! The Badass Babes are an awesome group of inspiring, encouraging friends! My official time for the race was 2:30:52 and I am super stoked! Here's a quick link to my official results, complete with a video of the finish - http://results.bazumedia.com/athlete/index/e/3131053. This was my 5th Half Marathon in a year and 2 within 2 weeks of each other. Our group had 3 first time half marathoners and at least 1 personal record... can't beat that! We were given a beautiful sterling silver necklace instead of a race medal. This was such a nice touch from the Zooma organizers. After we cleaned up and grabbed lunch a few us headed back into Fernandina Beach to stretch our legs or better known as hitting the cute little shops and finding a unique place to eat dinner.  We had so much fun exploring the downtown area, we shared many laughs along our walk. We decided to eat at Espana Restaurant & Tapas. We loved it! This was a perfect ending to a near perfect day with the girls!

The Badass Babes enjoying the fire at the Hampton Inn 

Allison and I with our girl Tammy

Cuddling at the start line trying to stay warm!

Post-Race...We might love this photo!! 

The beautiful Sayta necklace we received at the finish line! 

Allison, Shannon and I after a super fun "stretch" in Fernandina Beach 

Our favorite find of the day! 

Sunday has provided me a day of reflection about yesterday's race as well as all the races since the first half marathon on March 4, 2012. I have managed to take several minutes off my half marathon time and I have made some great friends along the way. I am thankful for all the blessings given to me and I look forward to more weekends like this to come! So much so that we spent about an hour of today's ride home researching the next Badass Babes road trip. It's going to an epic year of our group!

The Zooma Florida now marks the 3rd race in our goal of 13 in 2013. Up next we have the St. Pete Rock n Roll and the 26.2 with Donna (side note: I am only running the half marathon). We are making great strides toward our goal and it feels great!

I'm off to foam roll and enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Thanks for stopping by for a quick read, hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Run for God - Week #2

Tonight's bible study provided us with another great night full of discussion and digging deep into the scripture to gain the knowledge of how to stay on track and keep up the good fight. I had the pleasure of sharing my "Why I run" story with the group. Many of whom have been living that story alongside me. In last week's post I shared that story; however, sharing it tonight was rather interesting. What most in attendance didn't know is that today would've been my 9th anniversary with my ex-husband. I'm so blessed for the people and strength that God has brought me during that time. I'm happy to share my story if it means someone gets a blessing from it! 

Tonight we heard stories of people who never even dreamed they could run getting out there and going 2 miles around the neighborhood this week. We heard stories of one group who laughed and chatted during their run. That group was shocked to learn they had gone over 2 miles without even thinking about it, ha! I had the pleasure of running with one of my best friends, who used to run and has completed 2 half marathons. She and I used to run all the time and it was fun to run our old route together twice this week. I also had the pleasure of joining two other girlfriends for a run and mini-front yard bootcamp. We giggled and talked the whole time. That particular run included running in my old neighborhood where I learned to love the sport of running. I'd say that's a "God Thing". God wanted me to run those old areas as a reminder of where I had been, where I feel in love with running and where I would continue to go! I'm thankful for those miles this week, more than those friends will ever know! 

We learned tonight that trials will come but we have the endurance and the character to have HOPE to get through them. If you've not experienced a major trial yet, just hold on you will. 

Once the study concluded we were joined by Shaw from Shaw's Athletics. Who knew Mr. Shaw was so chatty! He taught us about proper footware for running and walking - yes, there is a difference. He taught us about gate, taught us not to wear cotton sock, and taught everyone that the foot has 60,000 sweat glands in it (hence the reason not to wear cotton socks, hahahaha). Needless to say we are all thankful for him visiting with the group this evening. I think he will be a busy fella this weekend with several R4G visitors, especially after offering a little discount to the group! 

Now, I am off to pack....that's right it's ZOOMA Florida weekend. We are one excited group of girls. Watch out Amelia Island the Badass Babes are coming for ya!! I will have a post-race update on Monday. For now, please pray for safe travels and a good run for each of us. We will run our race and we will praise God every step of the way for the opportunity to be out there competing. 

Love always, 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2nd race of 13 in 2013

Yesterday I ran the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K (9.5 miles according to my Nike+ program). Let's just say this was not my best race. It was on a paved/packed dirt road so not a trail but close enough for me! It was an out and back course that had major hills. I have been training on flat courses in preparation for our trip to Amelia Island next weekend so I was not ready for the hills.  The morning was great complete with a beautiful sunrise and great temps that quickly gave way to a hot humid morning. It was brutal! My race time was not what I had expected it to be or wanted it to be. I will use this is as a goal to overcome! I will not let this one not so good run stop me from moving forward...I'm a part of the Badass Army and we do not quit!

Here's Allison and I at the Gulf Winds 15K - Prerace :

Now, that the 2nd race of the year is completed I can focus on the next half marathon which is only in a matter of days. The Zooma Florida Half Marathon in Amelia Island.There are five of us traveling from Tallahassee to meet up with one other friend for the race. The Badass Babes are ready to take on the beach followed by brunch. Stay tuned for a race weekend post next week!

Here's a little update on some of the other goals I have set for the year:

Whole 30 - WOW! What a difference a healthy change can make! I feel great and have learned that I can go to Masa (a local sushi restuarant) and not get Edamame. I have learned that I can sit next to my son and not even think of eating his French Fries. Maybe the biggest test of all, I turned down the corner piece of a chocolate birthday cake. I am known for wanting the corner piece of cake at all birthday parties until yesterday! This may make you giggle but it's a huge step for this Momma! I was tempted to step on the scale at Publix earlier today but I didn't. I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and the way my skin looks and feel. Even if after 30 days the numbers on the scale haven't change, I will be happy with the results I have gotten! I do seem have to more energy. Overall, it's been 12 days of success!
**Update** - Scott and Riley agreed to try a Whole 30 meal with me for dinner. We made our first spaghetti squash. They loved it!! Maybe we can pull this off :-)

Run for God - The program continues to grow beyond our wildest dreams. We expect to have 75 people in attendance this Thursday. I heard several folks enjoyed their few days of running / walking. That little fact alone makes me smile! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Run for God - Week #1

Well this week has been stressful and the devil has been in overdrive, just as I suspected he would be. I struggled with stress at work, stress at home, and to be honest stress in every part of life it seems like. Today started out not so great and I knew it was the devil! I just prayed for a calm to wash over me so I could head to the church and enjoy the kickoff for our Run for God bible study. Guess what, all that praying worked!!! 

I hoped to share the link to the "You Can" video from tonight's study to the blog; however, I have decided to post share the "RFG - The Story" video instead. So many people have asked how the study came about so this will answer all those questions. Here's the link to the video http://youtu.be/E94i9QL_HpE. I think I said it in previous posts, when we discovered this bible study back in July 2012 we knew that God meant for us to host it at Fellowship. 

Many have also asked "Why do You run?" Well, I tell you. I run for ME. Running is the one activity I have that is for me. I began "really" running in February of 2010. I was facing a divorce and I knew if I didn't get a handle of myself I'd be headed down a long depressed road. I hit the pavement and the treadmill as much as possible. Some will say I became obsessed with my running back then, it was not an obsession it was dedication! It was a dedication to Riley that I would stay healthy for him, a dedication to myself that I would do something challenging for me, and a dedicated time for me to talk to Christ. I am thankful for all those miles from 2010, now a few years later you could call me obsessed! I enjoy running, I actually still get excited before every race whether it's a 5K or a Half Marathon. I love the places my running has taken me. I love that I have friends who enjoy running as much as I do. I love those friends that don't run but support me at every step! I recently remarried on May 5, 2012 and my bridesmaids supported me so much that the morning of the wedding we walked/ran about 2 miles to get Starbucks before the hectic day took over. That is what I call a support system! Now to date I have completed 3 half marathons, a few 10K's and countless 5k's. I have set goal to almost triple that this year - 13 races in 2013! 

Ok, enough about why I run, let's talk about this bible study. We had 75 people sign up as of today and 68 of them were there! We are blown away by the response. We prayed for a class of 10-15, we didn't think there would be much interest. God showed us that if you ask for it he will provide. 68 people made the commitment to complete the 12 week bible study. They committed to participating in a study that will help them grow spiritually closer to Christ, they committed to participating in an activity that help them grow physically, most of all they verbally committed to do all this together! It gave me chills to hear all the encouragement this evening, from one stranger to another, from one church member to another! It was amazing! Thankfully, Allison was able to lead us tonight. She is an awesome speaker/leader so she will teach each week unless she is unable to attend for work purposes. Then, the class might be stuck with me, EEK! I guess that'll be when I have to step out of my comfort zone and teach. (Oh please everyone pray that Allison doesn't get stuck at work any time soon, haha!) I am so anxious for next Thursday to arrive so we can get dig even deeper into the study. 

For now, I ask that you continue to pray for us as we organize and plan for the coming studies. Pray for the participants that they will be blessed each week.

Here's a little picture of Allison and I from tonight. We are totally bummed that we forgot to take a group of photo, that'll happen next week! 

Happy Running! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

1st race of 2013

Today our local Moms Run This Town group met up at 8am at the end of the St. Marks Trail down in St. Marks, FL. It was a beautiful morning although a bit chilly, 37 to be exact! There were 6 of us for our first group run. We were running the Winter Runnerland Virtual Half.

The trail is very flat which is great preparation for the upcoming Zooma Florida Half in Amelia Island, FL in 2 weeks. We had a great time and several runners PR'ed today! I personally ran my best 10k time of 1:03. I'm very excited about that as I've been trying to break 1:10 for quite some time. I wish I'd kept up that pace the whole time but I finished within my normal 2:30 mark so I'm pleased.

Today was about being with new and "old" friends embarking on the biggest goal of the year. I feel great and can't wait for race #2 on 1/19!

Kickin' Asphalt one race a time!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

As promised here is a list of my 2013 Goals! Yes, I choose to say goals rather than resolutions. I feel as though I am more likely to keep going toward a goal than an end. As a resolution seems like an ending not a beginning. So here you go, read the list and you keep me accountable towards my goals for this coming year!

Whole 30http://whole9life.com/category/whole-30 : In the past I have wrestled with trying to learn to "eat clean" and I failed on many attempts. I used to think I ate healthy until I read the book associated with this program "It Starts with Food". WOAH, was I completely wrong. Under the encouragement of our Badass Army Drill Sgt, Shannon Colavecchio, I decided to give this program a try. (Check out her blog, it's amazing because she is amazing!! http://www.badassfitness.com/badass-blog/) I will post more on this program as we progress towards to the end of the 30 days, today is only day 2!

Run For Godhttp://www.runforgod.com : This is a program that I will help lead as well complete along side my running buddy, Allison Carter. We came across this bible study while attending the Peachtree Road Race Expo in July. God moved our hearts to immediately begin working out details to host this program at our church, Fellowship Baptist of Tallahassee. We begin next Thursday, Jan 10th and we have almost 40 people signed up. This is going to be such a blessing to each of the participants and I can't wait to watch them grow spiritually and physically. I will share updates and stories as we work toward our goal of running in the Springtime Tallahassee 5K as a church family.

13 in 2013http://blog.runtastic.com/en/blogs-and-reviews/13-2013-jill-conyers-mom-psychologist-fitness-enthusiast-runs-13-races-2013/ : This is the big one for me! I am going to attempt to complete 13 races, mostly 10K's and Half Marathons, in the year 2013. Now, stop shaking your head and rolling your eyes! This is a very attainable goal. Last year we set out to do one half marathon in March, the Seaside Half, and finished the year out with a total of three marathons under out belt. We finished the Atlanta Monster Dash Half in late October and the Pensacola Half in early November. We became members of the national running club called "The Half Fanatics" by completing the later two in less than 17 days!! Back to 2013, we kick off our race calendar this coming Saturday, Jan. 5th as we run the Winter Runnerland Half Marathon then on the 19th we will run the Zooma Florida Half Marathon in Amelia Island. I am praying for continued good health and strong legs. Stay tuned for results of these races and many more after that!

I also have some personal goals that I will be working on while working towards the above. Those goals involve Scott and Riley. We will be doing more family activities. Being together as a family is a goal for me every year as all the above will keep me around to enjoy my family!

2013 looks to be a busy year and I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is my little journey of faith, love, life plus a little exercise! 

I have been encouraged to begin a blog such as this for quite some time. I have been apprehensive about hosting the blog; however, I'm taking the plunge into being a "blogger". I have a feeling the topics will range from my faith to my family to my running activities plus anything in between! I am not an expert on any of those areas of life but I enjoy sharing stories and hope I can at least bring a smile to your face through this blog. 

I am not really sure where to begin, it seems as though lately everyone has shared their 2013 New Years Resolutions. I will follow their lead in another post tomorrow. For now here is a simple introduction of myself and my two fellas!  I am a newlywed, I have a 9 year old son. My husband, Scott, as well as son, Riley, keep me grounded and make me feel very loved. Three of us have been so blessed since becoming a family in May of 2012. We all enjoy college football, traveling, and working out together. Yes, we are a family that goes to the gym or goes for a run together. I will be sharing many stories of our adventures with you :-). 

That's all for now. I must go watch the Sugar Bowl! 

Much love,

P.S. - Your patience with me as I learn the rules in the Blogger world is greatly appreciated.