Sunday, April 6, 2014

Home Run kinda weekend!!

This past Friday Scott, RJ and me took off on a quick trip to visit my brother and parents in S. Florida. It was a whirlwind trip but totally worth it! 

Our little Boston Terrier, Zoe, usually doesn't travel with is but her favorite sitter had surgery last week. We couldn't dare ask Aunt Crystal to take on Zoe for 3 days after the week she had. We quickly concluded Zoe isn't a traving dog!! We arrived at my parents to a yummy Lobster Clam Bake dinner! One thing is for sure New England Fish Market puts together the best cans as they're called. After dinner Riley went for a swim in Grandfathers pool while we visited with my parents. 

Night Swim Fun

The alarm went off on Saturday morning at 4:30am just like it does every day, ha! We had to get RJ up and to go fishing with Uncle Phillip for the day. The two of them had been looking forward to this fishing trip for long time. 

RJ and Phillip

After they left, GiGi took me and Scott to Jensen Beach High School for the Home Run 8K. This was race was my first race in "old stomping grounds". When I was in high school I ran track but was a sprinter. I was never interested in long distance running of any kind. It was exciting to take part in a local race and support the family of a former Florida State Baseball player. The 8K was the 1st race that ME's Team has organized with the help of the folks at Fleet Feet Stuart. ME's Team is run by Scott Proctor a former pitcher at FSU who began the foundation after his daughter suffered a heart defect at birth. Scott and his team of volunteers did a great job from race day registration to really great swag to a well laid out finish area, I was surprised to find out it was their first race as directors. The course was flat and fast. I had a great run & received a lovely reminder that I've not run in the humidity in quite awhile. Clearly, my body needs an adjustment period, ha! I kept my pace around a 9 minute mile and only missed 3rd in my age group by 20 seconds! 20 seconds, urgh!!! (There's always next year right??) The attendance for the run was smaller than they had hoped; however, I have no doubt that it will be bigger each year they host it. I loved seeing my Mom and Husband at the finish line. They were both camera ready, it was pretty cute to see! I could've smiled at the finish line but all I could think about was breathing and getting a cold bottle of water! My official time was 44:49. 

Finish Line via GiGi... I was just focused on breathing! 
This would've been great had I smiled at her, HA! 

Finish Line Photo via the hubs

Scott Proctor and I post race

After the race was complete we ran a few quick errands before we headed back to Moms to enjoy the pool. The remainder of the day we laid around on the deck by the pool. It was quiet and calm, two things that we don't get very often. Unfortunately, I applied too much sunscreen and you can hardly tell my fair skin spent 4 & 1/2 hours in the sun. I'm severely jealous of my husband who has a nice tan started, it's just not fair! Later in the day the two fishermen arrived empty handed! They didn't much care, they had a blast. Uncle Phillip told us about their day. They had a blast hanging out on the water for the day! They're already trying to plan another adventure this summer! 

RJ driving the boat for Uncle Phillip 

Today, we made our way back home but not without an outlet stop! Riley and I racked up at the Under Armour Store. We found tons of sale items to add to our collections while Zoe and Scott explored the outside vendors. It was a fun day with my two fellas! I took advantage of the long ride home to work on my class plans for this upcoming week as well. Just one less thing I need to worry about in all the craziness, whew! 

Lots of fun planned for the week! 

Weekends like this are grand slams for this Momma. We were able to spend quality time with my family while also relaxing. While I wish I had gotten a little more sun I enjoyed sitting beside the still waters of the pool. It allowed me time to relax the body, the mind and the soul. I'm home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next few weeks!! 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye March, Hello April

It was great to me! 

WOW! Where did the month of March go? It seems like yesterday I was preparing for all the craziness and now it's over! 

March brought a special birthday as Riley turned 11! It's so hard to believe he is about to be done with elementary school, eek. I am very proud of the young man he is becoming and I have no doubt he is ready for middle school - even if his Mom isn't. March was the end of basketball season as well as the opening day of little league baseball! From one sport to the next this little guy keeps me busy. 

The birthday boy

March also brought the completion of two goals for 2014. I received my Tabata certification and began teaching at the Badass Fitness studio. This was a great experience and I love being on the instructor end of the spectrum! Sharing my passion for fitness is just an awesome experience all around. 

Shannon and I at Tabata Training 

I also had a little running success during the month of March. I defeated the "Green Monster" by completing the Gate River Run. I also pushed myself to a new 5K and 10K PR.  It was an awesome month! 

Gate Rive Run = Success 

These were all great races and I am blessed to have celebrated both of those accomplishments with friends and family after the races. Spring running around N. Florida is just so exciting as there is a race every single weekend. I wish I could run them all but that's not always possible!

Now it's April and it has arrived with a bang! I am "fresh" off a whirlwind trip to Atlanta for the completion of BOSU certification. It might have been the quickest trip ever but it was awesome! I learned so much in the 8 hour class and I can't wait to share this knowledge with our friends at Badass Fitness. It's amazing what you can do on a BOSU to work your entire body. 

BOSU Certified 

April will provide me a lot of time to enjoy the outdoors as we spent two nights a week at the ball field! I can't wait to watch my boy play ball with his buddies! I also plan to get back to my running. Even though I experienced a few great races last month I did miss my goal of running 100 miles in March. I just am not motivated to run right now so I will focus on that motivation for a few weeks. 

April most importantly will provide me the opportunity for much needed family time. We will go this weekend for one last birthday celebration for Riley. He gets to go fishing with Uncle Phillip then have a fancy dinner out with GiGi and Grandfather. At the end of the month we will celebrate Easter, the time of celebration focused around our Risen Savior. Have a mentioned I love this time of year?! 

Reason for the Season 

It is 4 months into 2014, how are your goals coming along?! Have you set a goal or two that you are not reaching? If you said yes then I encourage you to get focused toward reaching it! Let's all keep each other accountable! 

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