Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Break not just Spring Break!

We are fresh off a wonderful Spring Break 2013! 

I will not recap every single event as that would make for a super long post, ha! If you've been following my little blog since January then you know that one of my 2013 goals was to find ways to have more family time. This past week accomplished just that! 

This break provided a lot of much needed family time. I realize that spring break is a normal occurrence for many households but for my split family breaks like this are even more special. It allows for us to have more uninterrupted time with Riley. 

Riley started off Spring Break with a terrible cold which meant I had to take a few extra days off. Thankfully, I had sick leave and an understanding office who totally supported me in taking the extra days without any hesitation. This means that starting on March 14th, Riley and I were together non-stop until today, March 26th. 12 whole days with my boy!! Scott was able to join us for the last 6 days of that time. We made the most of those 12 days  together that's for sure.  

We enjoyed spending some of that time with several of our close friends.  Our outings included putt-putt, go karts, zip lining, a super cold beach trip and various dinners on the town. We had a blast with all of them!! Riley was able to see family and celebrate his 10th birthday as well. We took a fabulous, stress free low stress trip to Orlando. (Yes, I said low stress!) We even managed to fit in several family workouts, including the Bad Donkey Easter Egg Hunt! 

I feel refreshed and ready to take on the last 9 weeks of 4th grade with my boy. I think he is  rested and ready to face the upcoming FCAT. I think he feels confident that he will end this school year with a bang. We are ready for the craziness that comes with baseball season, too. All in all, we are just happy! 

Breaks like this are great for the family to reconnect and just enjoy each other...even enjoy the bad attitudes that may arise! We were able to "make memories" even while driving down 75 in the pouring rain or sitting on the side of the 75 waiting for the rain to stop, ha. 

People tend to forget that we are still a "new" family unit. Scott and I are approaching our 1 year anniversary in 6 weeks - May 5th. We are blessed to be able to spend this time together! Now, we are back into routine... Mom at the gym at 5am, everyone back to work/school, back to church activities, and baseball in the evenings. 

I hope that everyone has the chance to experience a nice "Spring Break" with their loved ones.  

Happy Spring! 

My little family!

Up next for the blog.... WEEK #12 - Completion of Run for God! 

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