Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

7 day until I participate in one of my favorite races!! 

Peachtree Road Race is the largest race  in the United States ~ 60,000 runner friends

2011 was the 1st year we ran this race. We had not really trained for a run, we just wanted to spend July 4th in a unique way. We were hooked, on the drive home we committed to running it the following year. 

Here's a few of our favorite Peachtree Road Race memories: 

Making our way to the start line...

Having a little fun while waiting for our wave to begin! 

After Party in Piedmont Park! 
1st year times : Todd -1:03; Scott - 1:10; Allison- 1:10; Mitzi- 1:15

2012 - no boys this trip! 
Waiting for the start...

PRR x 2 - WOOT! 

We did it! 
2nd year times : Allison - 1:06; Mitzi - 1:11; Brandi - 1:18

"Heat, Hills, Humidity" is the slogan!  

This year it may live up to that slogan; however, I am ready! We have been getting in training runs in the heat to help our bodies adjust. I am looking forward to spending another July 4th in one of my favorite cities with a few of my favorite friends. 

Many have asked if I have a goal for this race, clearly they know me well! I realize with 60,000 people it's hard to set a goal. I have gotten much faster in the past year so 
my goal is to be under an hour for this 10K. 
Wish me luck!! 


Monday, June 24, 2013

Out of my little box

On Friday I announced Allison, Shannon and I were headed to the Panama City Beach to take in a little relaxation and a Stand Up Paddleboard class. I shared with you that I was very nervous about this class. 

Friday evening we enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner at Captain Anderson's. The fresh Peel and Eat Gulf Shrimp, the fresh Gulf Scallops and the homemade Oreo cheesecake were all simply divine and worth every calorie! We capped off the evening with a little people-watching shopping at Pier Park

Captain Anderson's 

Saturday morning I woke up earlier than the girls and decided to hit the hotel fitness center for a little quiet time. I was able to push through 25 minutes on the elliptical before they joined me for our Day #3 of the Solider of Steel workout. As we were completing 110 Burpees I began to wonder if that was such a great idea leading up to our paddleboard experience. 

We arrived at the Carillon Beach Resort Inn about 30 minutes before our class was to begin. We explored the town center and immediately fell in love with the area. Our class started promptly at 10:00am. We met our instructor Laura Lynne at Yoga Elements. She could tell that Allison and I were a little unsure of this adventure; therefore, she provided us a little extra time for us to become comfortable with just paddling and figuring out the board itself. 

Once the class began Laura Lynne remained extremely patient and helpful to each of us. She seemed a little shocked that Allison nor I had taken a full yoga class and even more shocked that we decided to try both activities at the same time. If you know us, we took this as a challenge! 

Half way through the class Allison and I had mastered the paddling and mastered a few yoga poses as well! Yep, that's right! We didn't land in the water when we perfected the Warrior Pose or the Camel. Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of ourselves in the Camel Pose but we did it!! 
Proof is in the picture :-) 

This class provided a chance for me to see how strong I have become in the past 6 months, especially the past 6 weeks. It also provided a chance for me to watch my fitness mentor face a pose and conquer it even though she has struggled with that same pose on a mat. It was awesome to cheer her on for a change! 

You go girl!!!
(Her feet did come off the board but we don't have a photo of it!)

I was a little sad that the hour and a half passed so quickly! I wanted to keep going, I think we all wanted to keep going. We spent the remainder of the day sitting by the water on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Panama City. We laughed and shared our thoughts going into the class. Each of us were nervous to varying degrees; however, we all felt more confident afterwards. We even checked out places a little closer to home so we could take on this adventure again! 

Paddling back to shore

I am totally hooked on Paddleboarding and Yoga, if they happen to occur at the same time again that would be fine with me, too!  If you haven't considered getting out of your box lately then I strongly suggest you grab a few friends and take on a new adventure! This is an experience that I am forever thankful to Shannon for convincing us to try! 

What's next for the Badass Babes?? Peachtree Road Race in HOTlanta! We will be focusing our training on preparing for the " Heat, Hills and Humidity". 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Preview of the weekend...

This time tomorrow I will be on the road to Panama City Beach for a girls overnight trip. I am beginning to think I lost my mind when I excitedly agreed to take a Paddle Board Yoga with the girls! I'm not extremely skilled in yoga and I have never tried to Paddle Board. Everyone that has taken such a class raves about it so it can't be that bad, right? All this to say the below picture is what I suspect the class should look like...

This may be how it ends up...

The next few weeks in the Woods household will be full of late evenings at the ball park for the All-Star baseball tournament and the BadassBabes Trip to Atlanta. I'm excited to get out of town and relax a bit.  I'm taking a large leap of faith by attending this class.  No doubt the follow up blog will be a good one! There will be a video or two and plenty of pictures! 

I'd love to hear your weekend plans... any fun races or trying something new?? 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Melon Run Recap

Saturday morning my BRB and I took off around 6:30am to join a few other running friends in Monticello, Fl for the annual Melon Run 5K. We orginally planned to run this race with Jenny from; however, she had an emergency back procedure that was more painful that any of us imagined. (Jenny, you will come back stronger. We will run that first race with you when you're ready! Just remember Hebrews 12:1, sister!) 

If you've read my blog recently then you know I set a UA What's Beautiful goal of finishing my next 5K in under 28:00 minutes. I have heard about this race for a few years but was never able to run it. We knew the course was hilly and it's always hot in North Florida this time of year. We took our pre-race photos and headed for the start line at the corner of US 90 and Water Street. The whole group commented on the heat and the hills, we all agreed just to go and have fun! 

Tallahassee - Moms Run This Town 

The race began promptly at 8:15am. The course took us through a beautiful shaded neighborhood. We enjoyed a few hills right at the beginning of the race! We continued on through more neighborhoods and at one point we transtioned from pavement to gravel to sand to gravel back to pavement! This made me nervous so I paid careful attention to my footing so I wouldn't slip on the gravel. At the half way point I was running just under a 9 minute mile so I knew I was in reach of my goal. Then we encountered the hills that everyone warned us about. WOW! We turned right went uphill then turned left only to go a little further uphill before getting a nice downhill. Then we turned right back onto Water Street. We finished uphill on Water Street. I could see the clock and I pushed hard; however, I missed the sub-28 by 3 seconds. 

Uphill on Water Street 

Not all race pictures can be good ones, struggle is written all over my face! 

The push to the finish... 28:03

At the finish line everyone was talking about those hills! At first, I was a little bummed that I missed my goal by 3 seconds. That feeling quickly faded when I realized how great my body felt. For the first time in months my leg wasn't sore at all! I know I am getting stronger. I know I am consistently faster than I was 6 months ago. All in all it was a fun race and 28:03 is still a new PR for me! 

Now, it's onto the completion of my training for the Atlanta Track Club's Peachtree Road Race where their slogan is "Heat, Hills and Humidity". All this training in the heat of North Florida will give me the best preparation for a little 10K through downtown Atlanta on July 4th! 

xoxoxo - 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Constant Chatter

This may be the hardest post I have written since I started this blog in January.... oh well here goes nothing! 

In May I started an 8 week intense Tabata Bootcamp class. This class is being taught by Shannon Colavecchio with Badass Fitness. Shannon raved about this class after she attended the training session the end of April. Once she announced the classes would start on May 13th, the day after my 37th birthday, I figured it would be a great way to celebrate another year and keep motivated through the summer months. I tend to struggle with keeping up a workout routine through the summer months and this seemed perfect. 

When May 13th rolled around I became very nervous! The first session would include an assessment period. The assessment would mean getting on a scale, being measured in the waist and thighs plus strength assessments. The strength assessment would include how many v-sits, push-ups and squats can you do in a minute. I didn't mind any of it except getting on the scale. I complied with the requirement because that's just it, it's a requirement!

Why am I writing this blog? I want to share what I have felt in the past 30 days. 

Weigh - In day is the hardest of all the days. We've had three "weigh in" days and each time I have struggled. I have lost a few pounds in the past 30 days; however, it's not the amount I wanted to loose. I obsess over the number on the scale and that must stop! I remind my friends that the number on the scale doesn't matter. I remind them it's the energy they feel that counts. I rejoice with them when they text me a picture of themselves wearing something that's not fit in months or years in a case or two. If I can encourage my friends with those thoughts then why I can't I do the same for myself?

Then there's the Strength Assessment - another portion of our "weigh - in" day. How many reps of V-Sits, Push-Ups and Squats can you do in a minute? I'm stronger in these areas than I was a month ago! I look forward to this every other week why can't I look forward to seeing the scale?

I know the answer to both questions. The constant chatter in my brain is why this happens. I allow negative thoughts to hold me back and keep me from seeing the little successes. I allow a number on a scale to determine my value. In my heart I know this is wrong! I'm a believer; therefore, I know in my heart my value is my faith. I really need to concentrate on fighting those negative thoughts....every single day!  Again, I encourage others to avoid these thoughts, I can't let myself go down that path either. 

My Prayfit devotional this morning was exactly what I needed. This is what I should be striving for on a daily basis:  "As believers, we have to employ healthy habits in our lives. The goal of abundant life needs to become part of our DNA. If it wasn’t something that we have to consciously do, God wouldn’t have reminded us. Some things don’t come naturally, whether it be motivation, athletic ability, coordination. But none of that matters. God sees the heart, so don’t spend time critiquing the mirror or applauding it. Get moving in order to reflect Him. Serve others, be an example to kids, help neighbors, get active in church. When we say health is a means of praise, we don’t mean for ourselves."

So today I declare a new goal : "I WILL not allow the number on the scale to determine the value of my soul."  

Love this.... 

Another awesome photo! 

I know many that struggle with these same thoughts, my friends will conquer this goal together!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Honoring a Sweet Friend

If you follow me on Twitter (mitzitwoods) or Facebook then you know I won a race entry to the Women's Running Series race in Nashville, TN. in September 2013. I love when things happen and we can see how God played a role in making it all happen! Let me tell you how this all came about and why running this particular race will be a special moment for me. 

Since joining Twitter I began following groups such as FitFluential and the Women's Running Series, among many other fitness / running related groups. Groups such as this post motivitating material all the time. It has been a total game changer for me, trying new food items and new workout routines that I otherwise would not have know about. This past Tuesday, FitFluential hosted a Twitter Chat along with WRS by participating in this chat I won the race entry for any of the WRS events. Part of our running crew is already registered for the WRS St Petersburg, FL Half Marathon later in November 2013. When we signed up we considered the Nashville run but for various reasons we chose St. Pete instead. Given that we are already signed up for one I thought maybe this was a chance to run the Nashville event. 

After I received the registration information from WRS I began to read through their website to check out the course and suggested hotels, etc... I was trying to gather enough information to see if a trip like this was even possible! While viewing the race information I realized WRS has partnered with The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America as the beneficiary of this race. As I read that (and as I type this) tears filled my eyes. I knew at the very moment that I had to make this trip happen! I quickly sent a text to my BRB and our trainer telling them I had won and to get registered; however, until they read this they will not know why I was so persistent on this trip. It took us all of about an hour discussing this via text and BOOM we had ourselves a road trip! 

Why was I so persistent, why did I have tears? I have sweet friend, Ashleigh-Anne Kirkland Hughes (AAK, as I have always known her by), who was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 7 years ago. She has been battling the effects of this disease ever since, until recently I had no idea just how serious things had gotten for her. On April 15th she posted this blog with the latest update on her disease and latest diagnosis. I sat at my computer that morning in a puddle of tears; however, that was not the reaction that my friend needed. AAK needed me to suck it up and be strong with her, even from thousands of miles away. Ever since that morning I have been praying daily for her and her family. I have even drank a few Icee's just to have a special prayer moment between me and God for AAK. Why an Icee? It's her favorite drink! In all of this, I struggled with not being able to find out a way to help her. Yesterday when I read this race was going to benefit CCFA I knew that my winning the race entry was a "God Thing". He knew I had been struggling with how to really help her and her family. It gets even better! AAK and her sweet little family have just moved to Jackson, TN. Yep, only 2 hrs or so from the city I will racing be in! And, she is currently under the care of a new doctor at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. This was God telling me "this your chance to honor your friend!". 

So on September 28th, I will be running 13.1 miles in and around downtown Nashville honoring my friend AAK. I will be wearing pink and green as we share an extreme passion for those two colors. I will be wearing a monogrammed tank top with her initials on it. I may not live right around the corner from this sweet girl but I can pray for and certainly run for her! 

Ashleigh-Anne says it best in her own blog "He's going to turn my test into a testimony and my trial into a triumph!". You are 100% right!! God is going to be with you every step of the way and we will be sending tons of prayers along the way as well! AAK, we love you!! 

On top of the good news relating to the race itself, my family and I discovered there is a CCFA Team Challenge. We will be making a donation to the foundation on behalf of the Hughes family. If you would like to make a donation to the CCFA plus check out this link :


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I Run...

It's national running day! Who knew there was a day for runners to celebrate our sport!! I love this idea! 

Many often ask "Why do You run?" Well, I tell you!! I used to say that I run for ME. While it is true that running is the one activity I have that is for me. My feelings on why I run have evolved a little bit. 

I began "really" running in February of 2010. I was facing a divorce and I knew if I didn't get a handle of myself I'd be headed down a long depressed road. I hit the pavement and the treadmill as much as possible. Some will say I became obsessed with my running back then (they might still say that I am obsessed), it was is not an obsession it is dedication! It is a dedication to Riley that I will stay healthy for him, a dedication to myself that I will continue to do something challenging for me, and a dedicated time for me to talk to Christ. I am thankful for all those miles back in 2010 without that quiet time who knows where I would be today! 

I have tried to use my running to be a motivator or inspiration to others around me. I share the good, the bad and the ugly with people so they can see it's not easy but the results are worth it. I could have totally shut out the world in 2010 (yes, there were days I did); however, if I had not gotten off the couch I would have never gotten to experience the life I have now. I very much believe that faith and fitness mirror each other. In both you must keep going and not give up. One results in a healthy earthly body and mind, the other results in a healthy heavenly soul. I'm selfish I guess because I want both! 

I enjoy running, I actually still get excited before every race whether it's a 5K , 10K or a Half Marathon. I love the places my running has taken me. I look forward to completing my 2013 running calendar with several race road trips included! I love that I have friends who enjoy running as much as I do. I love those friends that don't run but support me at every step, too! I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary on May 5th. One of my favorite memories from that day was that my bridesmaids supported me so much that the morning of the wedding we walked/ran about 2 miles to get Starbucks. Yes, they all got up at the crack of dawn and went with me for this little jog to sanity! HA! That is what I call a support system! 

I enjoy the way running makes me feel. Even on days when I am tired, cranky, etc.. I can lace up those shoes, go for a quick 3 mile run and its amazing how awesome I feel afterwards. This past Saturday I set the alarm and went for a run at 6:00am so that I could just simply enjoy the remainder of the day. The North Florida heat has arrived so adjusting to that is hurting my running a little bit. I know this little struggle will only make me stronger and I hope faster in the fall! 

My favorite runs are when my son and husband join me! I believe there is nothing more important than family time. When my family time includes a run or a training session at the gym I am one happy Momma! 

Since January 1, 2013 I have completed 15 races, varying distances and paces! I'm looking forward to the fall Half Marathon season! 

So that my friends is "Why I Run"!

I hope all my Runner Friends have a great time celebrating National Running Day! I'm hoping the weather will be okay for a late afternoon with my husband - hint hint Mr. Woods! 


My loves running together

My girls!! 

Steve Ellis 5K

My BRB and I 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PumpUp - Review

Before I go any further with my review of this new application let me say that I am not a fitness expert, just an enthusiast! 

I have a goal of being more consistent with my gym workouts so when I found this new iPhone application - PumpUp I was very excited! I was excited to download it and see what all the program offered. I was pleasantly surprised!!

#1 - Customer Service - When I first downloaded the program there was a connection issue. I quickly accessed the PumpUp Facebook page and sent them a direct message. I received a very detailed response from Phil J, a co-founder of PumpUp. After a quick run through of settings I was good to go! I haven't experienced any further connection issues. 

#2 - User Friendly - I have often struggled with using other workout program; however, I didn't feel that same struggle with this PumpUp. I was able to navigate through all the settings and choose the right work out for me. However, the PumpUp aps give you a different routine each time and there are tutorials that accompany each move to show how to properly complete the routine. There is a voice coaching option which I found to be super handy for moving through the routine with ease. 

#3 - Motivating - I'm in the gym typically 5 days a week and I sometimes feel like I am in a routine rut. I have discovered new routines/movements and enjoyed the challenge of completing the set routine with the program. 

Want to check it out for yourself? Here's the link to website : http://pumpup.coPumpUp is a free app that you download. After your free trial, there is a subscription service.

This program is great if you are looking to change things up a little bit with your daily routine! I have even more great news for you, PumpUp is giving you the opportunity to try their new PRO version for 30 days, just use the code PRO30

And what's better than a chance to win a LuLulemon gift a certificate! Tweet the following and you will be registered: 

    "I just tweeted to win $50 @LuluLemon giftcard and a sweet @PumpUp workout tank! #PumpUpContest". 
Good luck in the contest and Enjoy the new ap! 


Monday, June 3, 2013

Reflection & New Goals

This past weekend I had plenty of down time for some much needed personal reflection. I usually try to take the beginning of each month to evaluate where I am with my goals. The schedule we kept this weekend provided ample opportunity for me to sit poolside and see if I have been successful the past 6 months into 2013. 

May proved to be another crazy month! We made it through the end of 4th grade with Riley, whom I must brag finished on the A/B Honor Roll! We survived the end of regular season baseball with Riley. His team finished by winning the Minor League Championship at our park. Keeping his grades up during those last crazy weeks makes this Momma extremely proud! 

May also provided the start of a new workout routine for Mom. Scott has been great about getting Riley to school 3 days a week so I could take part in the new 8 week Tabata Bootcamp with the Badass Fitness group. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this program and I have been blown away by its difficulty. We weighed in and took measurements on the first day, then I had a good cry. I hate (I do mean hate) weighing and getting measured! Two weeks later on Memorial Day we weighed in and took measurements again. This time no tears! After just 2 weeks of this serious bootcamp I lost 2 pounds and 1 inch around my waist. Ok, so maybe this bootcamp will be worth all the extra craziness with our schedules! Stay tuned for more on this little gem! 

May brought along a one year anniversary, a birthday and mother's day all within a one week span! It was great fun to celebrate all three with my family. We are a blessed little bunch and praise God daily for all he has done for the three of us. We will continue to share all of life's little moments together... after all that's what life is all about, right? 

I also completed the Moms Run This Town - Squat Challenge - OH MY! We started out by doing 50 squats. We increased that number daily and on May 31st I finished by doing 250 squats. It was a great challenge that I incorporated into my daily routine. These monthly challenges are something I have grown to look forward to! 

Now, we're into June! I'd say my goals are still intact. While I would like to see more movement in an area or two I know that God has perfect timing. Although I am beyond frustrated with a few things he knows what I need more than I do. At this point I know I need to take a breath and let it go! We have a new MRTT Ab challenge. Riley has started summer camp at the church. I have no doubt June will be another exciting month, hehe! 

June Goals : #1 - continue my growth in the Tabata Bootcamp, #2 -Run the Watermelon 5K, #3 - Embrace Paddle Boarding (there will be a blog update with photos for this one - HAHA!), #4 - continue training for Peach Tree Road Race & #5 - Enjoy lots of pool time with family and friends!