Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shamrock Scurry - First Family 5K

After a little discussion between Scott and I we decided that the 2013 Shamrock Scurry would be our first family 5K - together! I was feeling good from the previous race and we felt it was a good race for us to choose as our first one all running! Riley was stoked to learn that both Scott and I would be with him, not in the literal sense but participating in the same race at least :-). I realize to some this seems silly; however, it meant the world to me. One of my goals for 2013 is more family time and including the fellas in my hobby (for lack of a better term) of choice it just awesome!

Saturday morning was a little on the rough side, lots of attitude from all three of us! Once we arrived at the church all seemed well. We snapped tons of pictures with all our race buddies & everyone seemed to get in the spirit of enjoying the morning together. Riley chose to run this race along side Ms. Laura. They had such a great time at the Trailblazer run that I wasn't surprised by this choice.

The race started promptly at 8:30am. 600 runners headed out on a hilly 3.1 mile course throughout the Killearn Estates neighborhood. The first mile was pretty much down hill, the next 2 not so much. Once the race started I never saw Scott again! He has been training really hard lately and it's shown the past two races. I did run with Riley and Laura between mile 1 and 2; unfortunately, Riley struggled with the hills a little bit and had to walk some. I couldn't stop to walk with them. Since suffering my IT injury I have noticed that if I stop I can't get going again. I kept going! (typing that makes me feel very guilty for leaving my son with a friend and continuing running, yikes!!) Anyways, we all continued the race. Mile 2 included a huge hill, I ran the whole thing. The last little bit of the race I was joined by one of our music graduate students. Megan completed her 3rd 5K today and I am so happy we finished together. It really did my heart good to hear her excitment at the end of the race. The finish line was a great site as our little cheering squad was there going wild for us!

Proud wife moment - Scott ran sub 30 with an official time of 28:06! I'm so excited for him.

Proud parent moment - Riley finished in 31minutes and had a smile on his face. He's learning that it's not about the time on the clock it's about the joy in your heart after a run. Love his little spirit and loved seeing him encourage others as they finished!

Personal proud moment - I ran my fatest 5K to date with an official time of 30:52. Megan says we ran faster than that and doesn't believe the clock, love her!

All in all our family and our fitness family had an awesome day! It's nice to be surrounded by the love of my fellas and the encouragement of my fitness family. We all celebrate each other, isnt' that how life should be?!

Y'all have figured out by now that I love ending my posts with pictures. Unfortunately, if you're friends with me on Facebook these are duplicate shots so I do apologize for that. 
Just to give everyone a little perspective on my running journey and becuause it's always fun to look back Scurry 2011 I walked up the "Big Hill / Scurry 2013 I ran up the "Big Hill": 

Here's a few highlights from the Shamrock Scurry 2013:

Shamrock Scurry marks my 7th race of 13 in 2013. I am starting to be "okay" with the fact that my goal has changed a little bit. 13 races of varying distances is still 13 races - period! I'm half way to my goal and it's only March.

What's next in my running journey... another 5K! I had hoped to be strong enough to complete the Doggie Dash 8K next weekend (3/16); however, after feeling the need to ice both legs I am thinking I made a good decision in taking it nice and easy until April.

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