Friday, March 14, 2014

Off to another race…

It looks like 2014 is moving full speed ahead to be the year of checking things off the bucket list! Back in January I made a list of goals and when looking back at that post it seems as though I am on track to accomplish those goals plus a few extra ones, too. 

This weekend will be another bucket list weekend! I have always been interested in participating in the Gate River Run 15K and Saturday I will be running that very race! I mean really, I run the Peachtree Road Race every year and it's dubbed the largest 10K in the USA so why wouldn't I run the Gate River Run which is dubbed the largest 15K in the world?! 

I decided in December that I wanted to run the Gate in 2014 but waited until January to actually register for it. If you have followed this blog then you realize I have a small fear of bridges, not driving over them walking/running over them. Registering for this race brought on anxiety as soon as I hit the confirm button. I quickly fired off an email to Scott and the BadassBabes to alert them of the purchase. They were all a little shocked but assured me this was going to happen and I could do it! In the past few weeks we have convinced quite a few other girls to join us as well. 

Why did I have anxiety when I clicked on the confirmation button? Look at the course map… 

Do you see what I see? Two bridges over water - EEK! Yep, I will be running over both of those bridges. I'm familiar with the Main Street Bridge as it is near our preferred hotel and we have walked over it before. The Hart Bridge also known as the Green Monster is worrisome. 

The Green Monster 

It's a little over a mile long, maybe longer I don't really want to know and it's tall! It happens to be at the end of the race so that's a plus. While I have anxiety I also have a sense of excitement. It may be the largest 15K in the USA but it won't stop our crew from making our mark on that course! I have no doubt that we have a great race recap after this one!!

We're off to Jacksonville later today and appreciate prayers for safe travels and happy running feet! 

Bring on the miles with smiles, giggles and bridges! 

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  1. This year was my first year doing the Gate. I have now signed up for my first year doing the Peachtree. Any advice you can give me? Which do you think is tougher hill wise? What can I expect?

    Thank you,
    Tiffany F.