Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tabata Certification - Accomplished!

Last week I shared with our experience with jumping out of our current boxes and how awesome this time has been for me and RJ. Well, Sunday it was my turn! I attended my first fitness certification and it was amazing!! 

Master Trainer (and friend) Shannon and I left Tallahassee before sunrise on Sunday to drive over to Dothan, AL for the day long certification. We keep a similar schedule during the week so getting up early wasn't that hard for us! LOL! I'm fortunate to have participated in 3 rounds of Tabata Bootcamp with her as my trainer so the actual movements were all very familiar to me. We managed to get in 3 full Tabata workouts and 1 set of partner drills throughout the day. WHEW, these legs were tired that evening, ha! 

The most interesting part of the training for me was learning how to establish a class plan and learning the history of Tabata Bootcamp.  Thank goodness for a science experiment that showed the world what High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) could do for your body.  I enjoyed hearing Shannon share stories of her time at the Master Trainer Summit where she spent a few days working with Mindy Mylrea and other Master Trainers around the country to make the program even stronger. I can't wait to meet Mindy myself as she is an inspiration to many of us. Her positive energy is infectious! I have participated in several bootcamp like programs and I can say there's nothing like this one. If you put in 8 weeks of good work and you see amazing results! 

At the end of the long day, I received an official certificate and hug from my trainer - I am an instructor! Being a student then taking the instructor training has been an interesting experience. I'm glad that I was able to really learn the movements and have an idea of what the entire program feels like as a student before taking on the instructor training. I feel like I will be able to assist in the classes with more confidence and definitely more knowledge, after all I have the best Master Trainer in the business as my leader! For now I will work on putting together a few class plans and hopefully you will see me teaching Tabata Bootcamp in the spring! 

The certificate and backpack makes it official! 

Enjoyed meeting Kelly and hanging out for the day! 

Shannon and I after an awesome day of Tabata! 

Again, as I did last week I challenge you to try something new. Whether you try a new fitness class or take on a new project just look within yourself and your surroundings, see if there is an area that could use an extra push. Once you figure it out, go for it! 

Up next: I will share my plan to conquer the "Green Monster" - The Hart Bridge as a part of the Gate River Run 15K with The BadassBabes!