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Each year Thomasville Road Baptist Church host's their 10/5K - 1 mile run event. This is always a fun well organized event! I have only been running for a few years. Back in 2011 I ran the 1 mile run with Riley, Scott, Cheryl and The Carter's. We finished one mile in 11:40. 
Fast forward to March of 2013, I was coming off a month of rest after some struggles with my IT Band and a little apprehensive to run that day. Scott and I ran the 5K last year. I completed the 5K with a time of 33:18. I was delighted last year after such a successful race! Hit the fast forward button again and today I completed the TRBC 10K. 

Here's the recap of the day...

I was a little nervous this morning as I had not put on those running shoes since last weekend's half marathon. I did have a great week of cross training and felt really good so there was no "real" reason for those nerves! I also woke up wishing for a little bit warmer weather, in hind sight, the weather today was perfect for running. It was 40 degrees at the start line, I will be wishing for that temperature come August! 

I was minus my usually race partners. My husband and Riley decided to rest at home today. Allison and Shannon who are both resting their knees and rehabbing from a case of runner's knee. Crystal spent some bonding time with her daughter at Badass Fitness instead of running.  While I was missing my family and the Badass Babes, I did meet up with a large gathering of our local MRTT group. We had a blast hanging out in the recreation center prior to the race.  These ladies are always so much fun to be around, they had me laughing all morning! 

We started promptly at 8:30am and made our way through a few beautiful neighborhoods in our area. I am ashamed to say that I saw neighborhoods today that I had never seen before. It was a gorgeous route; however, it was hilly! If you are local and you've ever run up the entrance at Armistead then you totally understand, ha! I enjoyed running into our MRTT group along the course. It's always fun to cheer for each other during the race!! 

Before I knew it I was back on Thomasville Road and heading to the church. I knew I was close to finishing with a personal best so I kept myself focused by repeating my two favorite verses, Hebrews 12:1 and Philippians 4:13. I finished with a PR of 55:49!

Finish Line 
picture courtesy of 
Gulf Winds Track Club

Fun comparison of 2011, 2013 and 2014! 

As with all my races lately I have tried to "run for someone", today I ran for the Badass Babes. Allison and I started on this journey together back in 2011. We had no idea what we were doing, we just knew we needed to find a way to deal with the stress in our lives. Clearly, the stress was from different areas for each of us but nonetheless it was stress. We felt running was the way to do that. We had no real training and have learned along the way. Luckily, we started working out at Badass Fitness with Shannon. She shared her knowledge of running with us and taught us the importance of cross training. Shannon trained us, more importantly she quickly became a close friend. We have now been known as the Badass Babes for a little over a year. I am proud to be a part of such a beautiful team that believes in encouragement, empowerment and accomplishing all things through Christ. They are two of the strongest people I know, I know they want to run. They love to run and right now they can't! Both of them have suffered a case of runner's knee and are taking the correct steps to proper heal their knees. So today before I ran, I played our theme song Mandesa's Overcomer and sent them a little video. While I ran I prayed for each of them, different prayers of success and peace in coming days, weeks, months! I prayed that God would heal them and bring me back my rabbits! Today I dedicated my miles to my girls! 

The Badass Babes 

Today was also awesome because so many of our MRTT group had a PR, either in the 5K or 10K! It was amazing to see everyone have such a blessed day. This might just become my favorite race, hehe! 

MRTT Tallahassee 

Now, it's time to look ahead to the rest of the month. March goals will include the MRTT 1-min wall sit a day challenge, the continuation of our 100 pushups in 2014 and my 100 squats a day challenge. I'm also going to attempt 100 miles in March. 

What challenges do you have for the month of March?! I would love to encourage you along the way so let me know your goal. 

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