Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye March, Hello April

It was great to me! 

WOW! Where did the month of March go? It seems like yesterday I was preparing for all the craziness and now it's over! 

March brought a special birthday as Riley turned 11! It's so hard to believe he is about to be done with elementary school, eek. I am very proud of the young man he is becoming and I have no doubt he is ready for middle school - even if his Mom isn't. March was the end of basketball season as well as the opening day of little league baseball! From one sport to the next this little guy keeps me busy. 

The birthday boy

March also brought the completion of two goals for 2014. I received my Tabata certification and began teaching at the Badass Fitness studio. This was a great experience and I love being on the instructor end of the spectrum! Sharing my passion for fitness is just an awesome experience all around. 

Shannon and I at Tabata Training 

I also had a little running success during the month of March. I defeated the "Green Monster" by completing the Gate River Run. I also pushed myself to a new 5K and 10K PR.  It was an awesome month! 

Gate Rive Run = Success 

These were all great races and I am blessed to have celebrated both of those accomplishments with friends and family after the races. Spring running around N. Florida is just so exciting as there is a race every single weekend. I wish I could run them all but that's not always possible!

Now it's April and it has arrived with a bang! I am "fresh" off a whirlwind trip to Atlanta for the completion of BOSU certification. It might have been the quickest trip ever but it was awesome! I learned so much in the 8 hour class and I can't wait to share this knowledge with our friends at Badass Fitness. It's amazing what you can do on a BOSU to work your entire body. 

BOSU Certified 

April will provide me a lot of time to enjoy the outdoors as we spent two nights a week at the ball field! I can't wait to watch my boy play ball with his buddies! I also plan to get back to my running. Even though I experienced a few great races last month I did miss my goal of running 100 miles in March. I just am not motivated to run right now so I will focus on that motivation for a few weeks. 

April most importantly will provide me the opportunity for much needed family time. We will go this weekend for one last birthday celebration for Riley. He gets to go fishing with Uncle Phillip then have a fancy dinner out with GiGi and Grandfather. At the end of the month we will celebrate Easter, the time of celebration focused around our Risen Savior. Have a mentioned I love this time of year?! 

Reason for the Season 

It is 4 months into 2014, how are your goals coming along?! Have you set a goal or two that you are not reaching? If you said yes then I encourage you to get focused toward reaching it! Let's all keep each other accountable! 

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