Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Goals ~ Update

Well it's been 20 days since I wrote a post alerting you all to my 2013 goals. I figure it's time for a little update! 

Whole 3/4 (aka Whole 30) - This has been a difficult challenge for me; therefore, after a discussion amongst friends this weekend we determined I am doing Whole 30 modified to Whole 3/4! I am not ashamed that I had to make some modifications to the program to fit me. I am proud of my friends that are able to stick strictly to the Whole 30 program. I have been supportive of them every step of the way and will continue to do so all the way to the "end"! I began this program a little later than most due to my traveling to the Orange Bowl the beginning of the year. I knew there was no way I could attend that game and not drink a soda (which sounds funny because I don't drink soda on a regular basis but there is something about a cold beverage while watching football that I can't pass up!) or have some good stadium food. I did promptly begin the challenge once we were home from our trip. I have done very good with preparing my meals for work, breakfast and lunch most days. I have done fairly well with preparing meals for our family. We have experienced a few failed attempts at new recipes but have managed to salvage them enough to eat. Scott has been supportive about my new eating needs/wants and makes sure that when we do go somewhere it has something I can eat. He may not be participating in the program but he is keeping me accountable, that's what counts! I have added back a few things into my diet due to a little blood sugar issue, nothing serious just noticeable. You are not supposed to have any sugar on this program. In order to find the right balance I found that I could add sugar back into my morning coffee and do okay the remainder of the day. I also eat a banana every morning for the potassium. I have also added back in brown rice when trying to "carb load" for a race. Again, I have done this because it's right for me. I am a firm believer in this program! I really do try to stick to the program in every way possible. I have found that I like almond butter just as well as peanut butter and it's way better for me! I have tried new vegetables that I never thought I would eat much less have a slight craving for such as squash. I enjoyed a breakfast this weekend that included a side of fresh sliced tomatoes, to some of you this is not a big, to me it was huge! I don't really care for a sliced tomato but hey it wasn't so bad!! The best part of this program is that even with my simple modifications I have seen results. I have more energy, I am not feeling bloated, the list could go on and on. I am not craving junk food, which let me tell you is a slight miracle! Best of all, my clothes are fitting so much better. Today is especially exciting as I am wearing a pair of pants that haven't fit in quite some time. Not only did they not fit, they wouldn't go over my hips - GASP! I have a few more weeks to go on the program so I am excited to see what other changes take place. Stay tuned!! 

Run For God - This bible study continues to blow us away weekly. I have been updating each week on the progress of the program, feel free to go back and read those specific blogs as well. We are embarking on Week #3 tomorrow night and it's sure to be a great evening. We have 80 or so folks signed up for the program - 3 of those are participating virtually. We have seen such growth in the hearts and bodies of the members! We have seen friends gathering at all hours of the day and night to get in their miles, some walking and some running. Our first group race will be in 4 weeks - the YAT Break a Leg 5K through midtown Tallahassee. I think everyone will have a great time! I can't express our thankfulness enough to all the participants of the program. We are so excited to see all the changes happening within each of you! I will continue to post a weekly update of our program so you too can share in our excitement. 

13 in 2013 - 3 races down - 10 to go and it's only January 23rd! If we are able to keep our current schedule we will complete our 7th race on March 2nd. I am taking a 2 week break to recover and prepare for 2 more half marathons in February. When I decided to join the group in this challenge, I never dreamed we'd be at the half way mark by March! One thing is for sure, if you tell us it's not possible then we will show you just how possible it is. Through training runs, bootcamps and weight circuits at the gym I have been able to take minutes off my time. I am finally down to 2:30:52 and I am hoping to break 2:30 at the St. Pete Rock n Roll. Beyond that, I just want to have fun! These next races will take us from one coast of Florida to the another. To be honest, this goal is to show myself that I can do 13 races in a year and I can have a blast doing so! If it becomes "unfun" then I will reevaluate; however, I just don't see that happening!! 

We have plenty of other fun things going on around the house as well. Baseball season for Riley is about to back in full swing! We are a little disappointed that he didn't make a local competitive league. Life goes on and we will turn a negative into a positive experience for him. Scott and I are in the midst of organizing a Spring Break / 10th birthday trip for Riley. That week is sure to provide some much needed family time. Before any of that happens we will enjoy the start of FSU Baseball. We all three look forward to our days and nights spent at Dick Howser Stadium in the Spring. We are looking forward to a few weekends of no plans coming up, yes, you read that right we have no plans for 2 straight weekends! That alone will provide us with time for the 3 of us to enjoy each other! 

I hope you are all working hard toward your own 2013 goals! Let me hear some updates!! 


  1. Awesome, Mitzi! I guess I am a "Zero 30" because I'm not doing the program but like you I support everyone's goals and it is so exciting to hear how energized they feel and proud of themselves for sticking to a goal! And I think your Run for God group rocks. Paula

  2. You are doing awesome!!!! You are the best running partner and supportive friend through all things...not just Whole 30 or Whole 3/4! I have enjoyed this journey with you as we both learn to cook and figure out what we can / can't eat!!

    Most of all, I am enjoying the challenges and inspirations that Run for God have brought into my life! You are a part of that as you were the one that pushed to make sure this happened!

    You = Rock star!!!!