Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to Tabata...

Today I kicked off my 3rd round of Tabata Bootcamp at Badass Fitness! I had the pleasure of being apart of the inaugural group in May 2013. When I first started with the program I was up a few pounds, a little slower paced and not very confident in my physical strength. 7 months later I have learned how to maintain the number on the scale, I'm a little faster and a lot more confident, truthfully I am a lot stronger!!

You may be asking "What is Tabata Bootcamp"?
Tabata Bootcamp is an 8 week High Intensity Interval Training program. The workouts are 45 minutes each. We meet 3 times a week consisting of combination of 20-10 drills and 40-30-20 drills during each class. We are fortunate to have two of the most experienced Tabata Bootcamp trainers in the area as our instructors: Shannon Colavecchio, Master Trainer and Allison Carter, Tabata Trainer.

If you are just starting Tabata Bootcamp you may feel a little nervous. Remember, we all started somewhere and this will get "easier"! You have 8 weeks to master the drills of the workouts and you will do great!

My top three successful tips:
1 - Do not miss a class... you have to get in 3 bootcamps a week so schedule it on your busy calendar as you would any other meeting and be there!

2 - Log into the portal every day & do the homework! I have found it best to do the homework prior to class, it gets my mind set for the class ahead. Yes, that's right I get up even earlier and watch the 10 minute video before I hit the front door of the studio. That won't work for everyone and that's okay. Just don't forget to do the homework every single day!!

3 - Eat Clean / Train Dirty - I love this statement! Eating clean along with the workouts will give you the best results. I can honestly say this is where I struggle. I love food! I'm counting on my friends to keep me in check with my diet, I hate that word! This program is not about a diet but an overall change in how you handle your food choices. You can not out work your bad food choices.

I'm looking forward to forming new friendships with all the new faces that came to class today. It is so much fun to cheer on the other attendees as they see inches go away, numbers on the scale drop and smiles on their faces light up! Celebrating the accomplishments of others is just a blessing!!

I'm excited to see how much I discover about myself in the next 8 weeks. Will I loose a few more pounds? Will I get even stronger? Will I get even faster? I hope to accomplish all of this plus become a certified Tabata Bootcamp Trainer myself next month. Most of all, I plan to take the next 8 weeks and learn as much as possible while having the time of my life!! 

Need a little inspiration, I hope this helps! 
Top Photo : May 2013 - the very first Tabata Bootcamp 
Bottom Photo: January 2014 - Excited to see even more changes in 8 weeks

We have assessments every two weeks so be on the lookout for lots of updates!!! I'm counting on you all for accountability so please feel free to send me a shout out along the way.