Friday, January 25, 2013

R4G ~ Week #3

Last night we had about 50 of our normal group join us for week #3 of our bible study. We were missing a few due to work interference, sickness and being away from Tallahassee. We missed those of you that couldn't make it. 

The major point of our discussion was focused on who or what gets in the way of you completing your spiritual task(s) as well as you physical task(s). The answer is easy, I get in my own way in accomplishing both! I struggle with self doubt in both areas. Lately, God has been showing me some things differently but it's still a struggle. I also allow negative comments from people of my past play too large of a role in my current spiritual walk and physical run. I find myself wanting to prove them wrong all the time, rather than staying focused on Christ and his plans. God gave me a certain body type for me, not for anyone else. It is my responsibility to stay healthy strong and use this body to do good for him. I appreciate the people in life that often remind me to "run my race" not theirs. My other favorite quote from one our Badass Fitness Army friends Randy is "Slow and Steady wins the race".   I repeat those two quotes to myself at the start line of every race! 

So funny, I have had two co-workers tell me they are thankful for my honesty about faith and fitness. They are thankful for my encouragement to  them to do greater things with their lives. I have tears in my eyes! All I want is for people to get healthy, be happy and enjoy life! The best way to do this is surround yourself by positive people and get moving and get on your knees to praise God for your ability to move! 

Our R4G group has enjoyed some exciting triumphs already, can you believe we have 9 weeks to go! Watch out Tallahassee here comes the Fellowship Run for God group!! 

Group Photo 1/24/2013 

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