Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Riley's First 5K

Riley has been attending the Run for God Bible Study with us. Scott and I were a little apprehensive about him doing the study with us but he begged us. It has turned out to be an awesome experience. He really listens to it all and soaks it all in, even the local experts that we've had join us. He asks questions, he volunteers to read the weekly bible verses, Riley truly loves this bible study. Scott and I have taken him on handful of practice runs and learned that he will be a better runner than either of us. He really is a natural! 

Riley's Aunt Kim and her daughter, Megan,  helped plan the Break-A-Leg 5K to benefit Young Actors Theatre. After a few weeks of him asking me to please sign him up for the race Kim, Scott and I agreed that if we could work it out with his schedule at his Dad's house that he could run. Long story made short, Kim registered Riley and made arrangements for him to be at the 5K this past Saturday (2/16/13). I was a little bummed because I had already made plans to be out of town at a half marathon the same weekend. I struggled with possibly changing plans but that would effect people going with me. After talking with Riley I felt better about going on with my trip. My best running buddy agreed to run the 5K with him so that made me feel even better. Riley admires her, we call him her "little boyfriend". 

Saturday morning I received this picture of the running duo. They were about to run their race and they were pumped! 

Well, a quick 45 minutes later I received this picture of Riley letting me know they had finished.

Not only had they finished but Riley finished in 26:00 minutes and Ms. Allison had finished a little bit behind him - WOAH! They both smoked that course! She had planned a leisurely stroll through midtown Tallahassee ; however, she quickly learned Riley was in race mode. There would be few walk breaks even the uphill portions. My heart gushed with excitement at how well he had done. 

I had a little tear in my eye when I was talking to him on the phone. Here's our a little bit of our conversation: 

Me: Hey buddy, I am so proud of you. I hope you had a great time running with Ms. Allison.

Riley: Mom, I beat her! The course was very hilly! 

Me: I love you and be nice to Ms. Allison she did Mommy a favor by running with you. 

Riley: Yes, but I beat her! Have a good run tomorrow, I love you! (click the conversation was over, haha) 

Needless to say, it will be a little while before someone lets my BRB forget she was beaten by a 9 1/2 yr old! I am one proud Momma! I knew he'd have a good run but he even shocked me with his time. I am glad that his Dad, Aunt and favorite cousin were there at the finish line to see him in all his glory. That was a special moment for all them for so many reasons! 

Megan and Riley at the Break A Leg 5K

It looks like Riley and Allison will get a chance to run again this Saturday, if the weather cooperates to support LC's school. We'll see who wins their friendly competition this time!!  

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