Tuesday, September 9, 2014

18 days to go to 13.1 ….

Yeah, so today as Allison and I had a little quiet training time, we realized there's only 18 days until the Women's Running Series Half Marathon in Nashville….insert the heart pounding & heavy breathing & major giggles from the two of us! 

I see several of my Badass Babes teammates putting in crazy miles in preparation for the race. I, on the other hand, have had little time and even less motivation for the long training runs. To date the longest run I have completed is 8 miles. Yes, I should be a panicked disaster; however, I am not. I will not let the stress of the "race" turn me into a crazed maniac the next 18 days. Let's be honest, it's not like I am sitting on the couch saying "hey girls, let's go run 13 miles in 2 weeks with zero training!". I am putting in my cross training time. I am concentrating on being a strong coach in my classes. I am doing pretty good with my diet, minus the tailgate this past weekend. Oh and I am running when I can! I just refuse to let the stress of training take away my focus for participating in this race! 

In 2013 I fell in love with city of Nashville, it's beautiful! Allison, Shannon and I have stated before this was our favorite of all the run-cations we took last year. What is my focus of this race weekend?…for me it is not about 13.1 miles, it's about celebrating life and friendship with some amazing ladies. 

This particular race is special! I did set a half marathon PR at this race last year. We celebrated my friend Ashleigh Anne and her journey to new a liver continues so we will celebrate her again!! Our prayers have been that AAKH and her new liver would be at the finish line: however, there's a reason God hasn't answered that prayer yet. I secretly pray she gets that liver in the next 18 days so that we can love on her a little more while in TN. (guess it's not a secret anymore, ha!)

My focus even got a little jolt in August as one of my best friend's called me to tell her mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Crystal is a runner herself and hoped to make the Nashville trip this year, due to her Mom's diagnosis and her starting back to school she won't make the 7 hr trek with us. She may not be with us in a physical sense she will be with us in our hearts! Mrs. Watson's surgery is this coming Thursday - Sept 11th. By the power of prayer we all trust God has a great plan for her and her family! The Badass Babes will be there every step of the way! 

I am excited to see what Nash-Vegas holds for the Badass Babes this year. I will run/walk the WRS Half Marathon to honor my friend Ashleigh-Anne and Mrs. Watson. No, I am not thinking a sub 2:18 course PR is in my future; however, I do think a different kind of PR will occur for that I will send praise. 

Here's my favorite picture from last year…can't wait to snap it again with few more babes! 

So to my girl Allison…looks like we will be giggling our way through 13.1 miles. Hey, maybe this year we will see Tim, Kenny or Jake on Music Row! 

Shannon, Erin, Stephanie & Ashely, we will see you at the Country Music Hall of Fame! 

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