Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I thank God for you!

On this Thanksgiving-Eve I think it's appropriate to dedicate today's post to all the people I  thank God for daily! There have been many post on Facebook over the past month of friends sharing their "30 days of Thankfulness". I didn't participate in that this year so here's my 30 days all crammed into one blog, haha! 

Before you read further, these will be not in any certain order so don't judge me! 

I am thankful for son, better known as RJ or Riley James to most! RJ and I have been through some bad and even more good times together. He is turning into a kind-hearted, God fearing, loving little man. There are days when he reminds me that he is still only 10 then there are days when I wonder who the little man standing in front of me is. Riley is like looking in mirror with his comments and smile somedays. Really, I should be honest and say his attitude is 100% his Mother! I am grateful for all that Riley has taught me about life in general. 

I am thankful for my husband! Scott has been an answer to many prayers and not just mine. We have only been married a year and a half, shocking to many who do not know that I am sure! We have a lot of fun together. We love sports, we love to travel more importantly we love God. Having a faith centered home makes for a happy home! He loves me through all my struggles with my desire to be a runner. He is my biggest cheerleader and I am his! Tomorrow we will run the Turkey Trot together, a tradition we started last year, and I can't wait! 

I am thankful for my parents, whom have always been there! They accepted Scott into the family as one of us and we love to spend many fall weekends with them celebrating all those Seminole victories! They have been through hell and back with me (and Riley) without ever passing judgement, well most of the time. They always have our back, I would not suggest messing with us or GiGi will get you! Right Mom?! LOL 

I am thankful for my brother and sister in law! There may be a 12 year difference between Phillip and I but you would never know it. He doesn't act his age and never has, that's why everyone loves him. My brother just loves life and believes it's too short not just have fun! We don't see each other often but when we do we always have a blast! I know that if we need something we can call either of them and they will be there even if it's just to listen to me vent on the phone. No one can tell a story like Jennifer! There are days when I just want her to tell the latest happenings just hear her sweet voice and that giggle of hers. 

I am thankful for my Tallahassee family! Things certainly could have turned out different but through God's grace we remained very close. Aunt Kim and Megan are very special to us. We all miss another special part of our family, Uncle RicRic. We are having the pleasure of watching RJ turn into him little by little. RJ has his passion of church, sports and his passion for singing. RJ also shares his demand for punctuality, too!  Not only do we get to spend football weekends with them, we have continued family traditions that we started when RJ was first born. Now, we get to celebrate Megan graduating FSU in spring of 2014 and marrying a special young man, Brandon, in spring of 2015. We're about to have a ton of fun with these three!!!

I am thankful for my extended family - the whole crew in "Toney-ville" and my new family on the Woods side! I know we don't see each other enough but each of them are special. The "Toney-ville" crew remind me often of my roots! Those roots include a man that is special in our home. Uncle Bud has a special place in my heart and I am so very grateful for all he taught me. I do miss seeing him and hearing that belly laugh of his! My Woods family includes a mother in law who loves me like as one of her own plus nieces and nephews that are all awesome. I am enjoying getting to know them a little better and can't wait to welcome a new little one before too long! 

I am thankful for my best girls - Megan, Christina, Crystal and Allison - There are not enough words to explain my love for them! Each of them are amazing in their own right and I appreciate all that they do at the drop of a hat for my little family of three! They each stood by my side on May 5th, 2012; however, they were beside me long before that day! We have enjoyed many laughs, tears and the occasional frustrations together. Have no fear, don't mess with any of us or you might catch the wrath of the others. 

I am thankful for the Badass Army, from the CEO to the VP to the Executive VP of Group Fitness to all the members! This group of people has taught me to believe in myself and believe in the good of people around me. Shannon has taught me to appreciate my strengths and weaknesses as they come. She has taught me to live my life in a healthier manner and has shown me how to do so in a way that I think (hope) inspires others around us. It's not about the number on the scale or the number on the tag inside my clothes, it's about how I feel. Chris has taught me (or tried to teach me) to embrace the run, even the bad ones! Allison and I started this fitness journey together and I love watching it grow circle! We have conquered many goals and will continue to do so for many years to come!  The members have taught me to laugh at myself, even when completing an exercise move that I am certain would make us tons of money on some reality show! The best workout is one where we laugh together, right Army?! 

I am thankful for Moms Run This Town - MRTT! Being a part of this group has been a blessing. I have met some of the most incredible women through our group activities and new bible study. I have been blessed to cheer them on and have them at the finish line at many races. We celebrate together and encourage each other to go a little further - both on the course we may be running and in life. 

These are only a few, I could write forever but who has time for that! I am very thankful for so many blessings in my life, old and new! If you are reading this and think you don't have anything to be thankful for, think again! We ALL things to be thankful for in our lives. I saw this other day and it really hit home … 

This year we get to celebrate a year of thankfulness at the finish line of the local Turkey Trot with many of our friends, we are so excited - well we were til it turned cold in Florida! 

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


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