Monday, June 23, 2014

Life and Breaking the Scale, again!

Hi, I am back!! I find it funny the last post I wrote was after a spring trip to visit GiGi and Grandfather. Scott and I just returned from their house late yesterday, too. We attended my 20th high school reunion, check back later for the post with stories from the weekend! 

Life has been crazy for us lately so I will give you a quick highlight of the past two months!

Riley - Successfully graduated 5th grade and is gearing up Middle School. His baseball team won the North West Little League championship and he made the Allstar team as well! We are at the ball field a few nights a week but he loves it! Riley is also enjoying several camps throughout these summer months. 

Scott - Well, he is wonderful as always! He is getting back to a somewhat normal routine of running and hitting the gym after the baseball season craziness. He is my rock during the good, the bad and the ugly! 

Me - I have been learning how to transition from a Badass Fitness Student to becoming a Badass Fines Instructor. I am teaching a few classes a week since in the past few months I have completed more certifications. I have added BOSU, Kamagon and TRX to the list - whew, I should've posted about each of those experiences! My "day job" is going pretty well, too. I have been a busy working mom and loving life!!  All in all life is good - just wild! 

Clearly, we are enjoying a few poolside weekends, too! 

As we were heading home yesterday from South Florida I had a chance to reflect over the past weeks and of course my brain led me to the past few weeks at Badass Fitness. The studio is expanding and things are very exciting! It's awesome to stand beside our dear friend, Shannon, as she watches her dream come true. We have to remind her to breathe sometimes! 

As the studio expands so does our client list. We recently kicked off another round of Tabata Bootcamp with several new friends taking part in the fun. If you have read this blog before then you know part of the program is an assessment every two weeks. We track weight, measurements and strength gains. The first assessments are always nerve-racking, even for the most strong willed people! This past week it was time for the second of these assessments. The other Coaches and I watched as people struggled with the numbers they saw on the scale. We grew frustrated for them, this frustration is what inspired to me write this blog today…by the way I wrote about this same topic a year ago, too! 

I have been a student of Shannon's for almost two years. I hated the scale when I met her and I hate it today. Do I look different than when I started working out with Shannon? YES! Do I feel different after all these workouts and trainings? YES! Do my clothes fit better? YES! Is the number of the scale lower? NO! That's right, the number on the scale today is no different. It has fluctuated from time to time but as of today it's the exact same. 

I feel better and have more energy than when I first joined Badass Fitness. I took the leap from student to instructor and I am loving it! I love seeing the smile on the face of a friend when she conquers the almighty Tabata Tricep Hover, I love the celebrating with my BRB as she wins first in her age group, I love hearing the excitement from another friend as she does a pull-up for the first time - I am not even sure I can do one successfully! The scale can't celebrate those accomplishments with these girls but I can! The scale won't celebrate with my friend as she puts on a skirt that is two sizes smaller or another friend who is already back in IndoRow class only 2 weeks after his knee surgery. 

Friends, the scale does not own you - if you don't let it. It is only a number! I had the most fun today as we broke a scale, that's right we kicked it in the face! If you have a chance today or this week watch this video and kick the scale! I shared the video with this post earlier today: "I weigh the same as I did one year ago; I can fit into my senior prom dress; I have run multiple half marathons; I've checked several fitness certifications off my bucket list. My reasons to kick the scale in the face could go on for days!! What do I want you take away from this video? Don't let the number on the scale own you, it knows nothing!"

And I will leave you with this quote…. 

My goal for July is get back to blogging, more regularly! At some point I will share the reason as to why I really took a break from the blog, other than life has been too crazy. :-)