Monday, September 16, 2013

5K at 5th...

It's fall race season in Tallahassee, only wish the fall temperatures would accompany the race calendar! Saturday our team from Badass Fitness and Moms Run This Town met up for a local 5K supporting the Leon High School Volleyball Team. The race director, Shannon Moore of F.U.E.L. Nutrition is a long time friend of mine. Shannon has two daughters that play volleyball so organizing this race is close to her heart. 

The race began at Paisley Cafe in the midtown area of Tallahassee and ended at the 5th Ave Taproom. In those 3.1 miles we conquered what might be one of the biggest hills in our lovely city. Tallahassee is known for our hills but my goodness Crestview Ave is a beast! I knew this would be a tough course thanks to a friend who lives in that area of town sending me this message earlier in the week "I am not sure I can even fast walk that @#$%&".  

Here's the course from my RunKeeper: 

Here you can see from the charts at mile 2 I struggled getting up the hill:

Our MRTT Leader, Tammy P., came by and tried to cheer me on up the hill but my little legs just gave up towards to the top. Thankfully, I got myself back on pace and finished strong at 28:10, according to the race clock. 

Everyone coming to the finish line talked about how awful the hill(s) were on that course. Even with all the "talk" we had a 2nd place overall winner, and two ladies coming off injuries that finished together in the 33:00 mark. What more could we ask for?! Well, did I mention we think cooler weather would be great?!

Most of all we were ALL smiles! Those of us that have been battling injuries, soreness, side stitches, etc.. all had a great race. Everyone was pleased with their time despite the tough course. It was so great to see everyone so happy! To me that was the best part, seeing all my friends just bubbling with excitement! 

Our own Badass CEO, Shannon C., came in 2nd overall and 1st in our age group with Allison of Soul2Sole coming in 2nd in our age group. I am pretty sure a few of us did finish in the top 10 of our age group but the official results aren't available yet. There's a bunch of us in the 30-something age group, too! 

Here's a few snapshots from Saturday of the Badass Fitness and MRTT groups: 

My girl Jenny broke her leg back in April and ran a 33 minute 5K on Saturday! 
Get it girl!! 

Allison and I are so proud of Crystal! New goals being achieved! 

Our Badass Fitness Crew! 

Our MRTT Crew! 

I love races like Saturday! It was a smaller race and we were all having a great time! There was not a sense of competition in the air like there can be at the more popular races. We all  cheered on each other from start to finish. I wish every race could be like this one, minus Crestview Ave. 

Shannon Moore and the Leon Volleyball Boosters did a great job with the race. The swag bags were awesome, can't wait to take advantage of a few coupons that I received! Everything was very well organized and we look forward to supporting this 5K again next year! 

Happy Running! 

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