Tuesday, September 10, 2013

17 days ....

Today I realized there's only 17 days left until the Women's Running Series Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. ~ EEK!

Today I began questioning my training!

Today I begin to panic a tiny bit! 

As most of you know this race has special meaning to me. I wrote about this in a previous blog post. This race isn't just about me that's for sure! I have taken my training pretty serious for this race.  Here's a sample schedule of my recent training (give or take a few workouts)

Sunday : Rest / Active Rest with Power Core Yoga

Monday : 6am - Tabata Bootcamp Class (sometimes 5:30pm Weights / Abs workout)

Tuesday : 5:30am - 5 mile run (sometimes an evening workout at the gym) 

Wednesday : 6am - Tabata Bootcamp Class (occasional 5:30pm Bootcamp at the Y)

Thursday : 5:30am - 5 mile run 

Friday : 6 am - Tabata Bootcamp Class 

Saturday : Longer run or bootcamp class 

Before I get any of comments on too much training, I have backed off the two-a-day trainings in the past two weeks! However, I also want to say all of this training has helped me gain a lot of strength. I have noticed my training runs are getting a little better and I am running a consistent pace. I am happy to say I am not having any repeat injuries pop up - YAY! It has also helped me handle some stressful situations that were causing me to be discouraged toward my goal of running this race. 

So all that say, maybe I am ready. We will find out in 17 days when I cross the finish line! Is there a goal for this race? Yes, there is! I'd like to finish this race under 2:30 making it my best half marathon to date. Again, we will find out soon enough! 

Have you ever trained for a race and began questioning your training as time grew closer? If so, please share some words of advice! 

For now, I am going to set aside the nervousness and focus on the remaining training. I have a long run planned for Thursday morning. We typically run longer on Saturdays; however, it's the first home game for Florida State Football! We have tailgating to get to, not running - HA! Then next week we will get in our usual 5 miles on Tuesday and Thursday before heading into taper week!  

Prayers appreciated! 

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