Sunday, January 13, 2013

2nd race of 13 in 2013

Yesterday I ran the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K (9.5 miles according to my Nike+ program). Let's just say this was not my best race. It was on a paved/packed dirt road so not a trail but close enough for me! It was an out and back course that had major hills. I have been training on flat courses in preparation for our trip to Amelia Island next weekend so I was not ready for the hills.  The morning was great complete with a beautiful sunrise and great temps that quickly gave way to a hot humid morning. It was brutal! My race time was not what I had expected it to be or wanted it to be. I will use this is as a goal to overcome! I will not let this one not so good run stop me from moving forward...I'm a part of the Badass Army and we do not quit!

Here's Allison and I at the Gulf Winds 15K - Prerace :

Now, that the 2nd race of the year is completed I can focus on the next half marathon which is only in a matter of days. The Zooma Florida Half Marathon in Amelia Island.There are five of us traveling from Tallahassee to meet up with one other friend for the race. The Badass Babes are ready to take on the beach followed by brunch. Stay tuned for a race weekend post next week!

Here's a little update on some of the other goals I have set for the year:

Whole 30 - WOW! What a difference a healthy change can make! I feel great and have learned that I can go to Masa (a local sushi restuarant) and not get Edamame. I have learned that I can sit next to my son and not even think of eating his French Fries. Maybe the biggest test of all, I turned down the corner piece of a chocolate birthday cake. I am known for wanting the corner piece of cake at all birthday parties until yesterday! This may make you giggle but it's a huge step for this Momma! I was tempted to step on the scale at Publix earlier today but I didn't. I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and the way my skin looks and feel. Even if after 30 days the numbers on the scale haven't change, I will be happy with the results I have gotten! I do seem have to more energy. Overall, it's been 12 days of success!
**Update** - Scott and Riley agreed to try a Whole 30 meal with me for dinner. We made our first spaghetti squash. They loved it!! Maybe we can pull this off :-)

Run for God - The program continues to grow beyond our wildest dreams. We expect to have 75 people in attendance this Thursday. I heard several folks enjoyed their few days of running / walking. That little fact alone makes me smile! 

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