Monday, October 7, 2013

Take a Breath for Jess 5K

A few weeks ago a group of our friends from Seminole Baptist Church decided to host a 5K for Jessica Morrison. She is a sweet young lady in their church that is awaiting a lung transplant due to growing complications from Cystic Fibrosis. The C.O.R.E. Bible Study Class, which Jess is apart of, decided they wanted to do something to help raise funds to assist with her medical costs. These young people along with Wayne and Trina Baker bonded together to plan "Take a Breath for Jess 5Kin less than two months! 

I told the planning group from the beginning I would be there on race day to volunteer and not run this race. I knew I would be the midst of half marathon training so I felt my time would be better served as a volunteer for this run. Riley and I ate a quick lunch after church then headed out to the race to be worker bees for Ms. Trina and her class! Upon arrival to the park where the run was hosted Trina asked if Paula of Big Green Pen, Riley and I would join her in walking the course to make sure it would be 3.1 miles. 

Off we went, all of us thankful we had worn good shoes for this unexpected walk, haha! All was going well as we marked the course and enjoyed a little time just chatting along the way. We were just passed the 1 mile mark when Riley yelled "Mom, move it's a snake"... thank heavens I listened to him. Trina, Paula and I went scampering off (well maybe that should say screaming, haha) as that snake almost slithered across my shoe. We laughed for at least the next half mile! I made Riley swear he wouldn't tell his Aunt Crystal about this snake since she is deathly afraid of them and was planning to run the race! We continued our way through the course, up the mighty hills and back to the start line area. All in all the race would end up being 3.3 miles or so. 

Once the course was set the four of us spent the rest of the afternoon helping get the registration area, start line and finish line areas set up. Paula was the turn patrol at one of the confusing spots on the course, Riley helped place sponsor signs along the course then maned the water station with a group of his friends. Trina was the ultimate race director, keeping it all under control and I did whatever she asked throughout the remaining hours leading up to the race. Myself and a few others convinced her to run the race while I stayed back around the finish are incase anything went wrong, nothing did by the way. The day was perfect, the weather was perfect just a little humid even for October in Florida. 

The finish line turned into big celebration of everyone talking about conquering those hills and celebrating that the C.O.R.E. class had accomplished their goal! This group showed our community that with a little hard work and a lot of big faith anything can be done! I'm proud to be friends with several from this class. I am proud to watch them grow in their faith and see what God has in store for each of them! 

Here's a few pictures from the day: 

Jess cutting the ribbon to start the race! 


My best bud! 

Love these girls! 

Trina - the coolest race director! 

My family :-) 

Being a volunteer for this race also gives me a sense of pride in our Tallahassee community, especially our running community! Seeing so many familiar faces come out to support this event was such a blessing to me. I loved cheering on each of them at mile 1 then again at the finish line. Being a part of all this was a special time for me and having my family there volunteering with me made it even that more special! Thank you C.OR.E. for planning such an event and congrats on the huge success! Y'all Rock! 

Now, it's tapper week for the girls and I as we look forward to the Run for the Treasure Half Marathon this weekend. Y'all know there will be a few good blogs myself, Shannon and Allison after a BadassBabes trip to Panama City Beach, hehe! 


  1. I have to admit I didn't wait until you put this post up on Facebook - I dug it out early! I had to read about our snake friend (and all happened at that point!). Trina should be careful; she was so unflappable she may get hired to be a race director at something else! It was a fun, perfect day. I loved having the opportunity to walk (briskly) the course first! And I loved doing something that helped Jess; it was beautiful to watch everyone come together.

    1. No worries, I figured you'd dig it up before I could get it to post! LOL! That was just too good not to share :-) Riley was still laughing about the snake this morning, boys :-)