Thursday, January 10, 2013

Run for God - Week #1

Well this week has been stressful and the devil has been in overdrive, just as I suspected he would be. I struggled with stress at work, stress at home, and to be honest stress in every part of life it seems like. Today started out not so great and I knew it was the devil! I just prayed for a calm to wash over me so I could head to the church and enjoy the kickoff for our Run for God bible study. Guess what, all that praying worked!!! 

I hoped to share the link to the "You Can" video from tonight's study to the blog; however, I have decided to post share the "RFG - The Story" video instead. So many people have asked how the study came about so this will answer all those questions. Here's the link to the video I think I said it in previous posts, when we discovered this bible study back in July 2012 we knew that God meant for us to host it at Fellowship. 

Many have also asked "Why do You run?" Well, I tell you. I run for ME. Running is the one activity I have that is for me. I began "really" running in February of 2010. I was facing a divorce and I knew if I didn't get a handle of myself I'd be headed down a long depressed road. I hit the pavement and the treadmill as much as possible. Some will say I became obsessed with my running back then, it was not an obsession it was dedication! It was a dedication to Riley that I would stay healthy for him, a dedication to myself that I would do something challenging for me, and a dedicated time for me to talk to Christ. I am thankful for all those miles from 2010, now a few years later you could call me obsessed! I enjoy running, I actually still get excited before every race whether it's a 5K or a Half Marathon. I love the places my running has taken me. I love that I have friends who enjoy running as much as I do. I love those friends that don't run but support me at every step! I recently remarried on May 5, 2012 and my bridesmaids supported me so much that the morning of the wedding we walked/ran about 2 miles to get Starbucks before the hectic day took over. That is what I call a support system! Now to date I have completed 3 half marathons, a few 10K's and countless 5k's. I have set goal to almost triple that this year - 13 races in 2013! 

Ok, enough about why I run, let's talk about this bible study. We had 75 people sign up as of today and 68 of them were there! We are blown away by the response. We prayed for a class of 10-15, we didn't think there would be much interest. God showed us that if you ask for it he will provide. 68 people made the commitment to complete the 12 week bible study. They committed to participating in a study that will help them grow spiritually closer to Christ, they committed to participating in an activity that help them grow physically, most of all they verbally committed to do all this together! It gave me chills to hear all the encouragement this evening, from one stranger to another, from one church member to another! It was amazing! Thankfully, Allison was able to lead us tonight. She is an awesome speaker/leader so she will teach each week unless she is unable to attend for work purposes. Then, the class might be stuck with me, EEK! I guess that'll be when I have to step out of my comfort zone and teach. (Oh please everyone pray that Allison doesn't get stuck at work any time soon, haha!) I am so anxious for next Thursday to arrive so we can get dig even deeper into the study. 

For now, I ask that you continue to pray for us as we organize and plan for the coming studies. Pray for the participants that they will be blessed each week.

Here's a little picture of Allison and I from tonight. We are totally bummed that we forgot to take a group of photo, that'll happen next week! 

Happy Running! 

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