Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Finds at PRR Expo

Every runner I know looks forward to the expos that accompany the larger races. My BRB and I were spoiled early on in our running lives by attending our first race expo at the Peachtree Road Race in 2011. Now, I think we run this race just for the expo itself! HA! 

This year was another awesome year for the Peachtree Road Race Expo. It was housed in the World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta for a 2nd year in a row. The packet pickup was easy and smooth, it helped that we attended on day 1 for this purpose. Once everyone had their packets it was time to shop or browse at least. 

The expo was filled with shoe vendors, clothing vendors, food vendors and other race series offering discounted registration fees for expo sign ups only. We had a great time meeting new people and making new fitness contacts. 

Here are a few of my finds from the 2013 PRR expo: 

#1 - The Atlanta Journal Constitution always provides a fun photo booth. These can be a little cheesy but to be honest they're great photos!! 

Day #1 - Photo 

Day #2 - Badass Babes Photo 

#2 - Lift Your Sole - An Atlanta based company that features running jewelry and accessories. They have the best running jewelry as well super cute t-shirts. This necklace describes me almost perfectly -"Wife, Mother, Runner"! I love the slogan on the little bags "Do What Moves You!". 

#3 - Bondi Band - I was introduced to these little gems through our own Badass CEO. I received a "Badass Fitness" Bondi Band as a reward from being a top finisher during week 2 of our Tabata Bootcamp 8 week program. I love them, they stay in place and soak up all my gross sweat! They have the best quotes on most of them, too! If you haven't tried the Bondi Band, I'd highly suggest placing an order. We were excited to see them at the expo. Only down side was we had to dig through a huge pile of bands to find a few that we wanted to bring home with us! Here are the three that called my name (ha!) : 

#4 - SF-7x Super Fruit - Yummy! These little fruit snacks are not only healthy but very delicious! They are vacuumed sealed and preservative free source of 2 fruit servings in each packet. They are the perfect little snack for pre-run energy or maybe a mid-long run boost. The packets can be easily stored in a running belt or pocket on your favorite running shorts. They come in 3 great flavors - Raspberry, Strawberry and Watermelon. 

#5 - Women's Running Series - As most of you know we are heading to Nashville, TN in September to run the WRS Half Marathon. We stopped by their booth to check out medal for the upcoming race. We picked up these awesome little head bands from the sweet ladies working their booth. This will go perfect with my pink and green that weekend! 

Perfect color - PINK!

#6 - Ragnar Relay Series - I have always been intrigued by this race series. After visiting their booth at the expo, I am more than intrigued by this series. "12 friends, 2 vans, 2 days, 200 miles"relay style! Each runner hits the road or trail three times with each run ranging from 3-8 miles,. This race is for everyone, turtle or rabbit. They offer races all over the country and the medals are amazing! This is a must for our crew. We may not be able to pull it off for 2014 but 2015 better watch out because we will be relaying! 

I can't wait to earn one of these great shirts!! 

#7 - Hot Chocolate 15/5K - Amercia's Sweetest Race! A 15K in January 2014 that runs through the Atlanta area and ends at Turner Field with Hot Chocolate and Smores - Yes, Please! The race packet includes a "sweet" sweatshirt and a super cute coffee mug. Looks like the Badass Babes need to invest in winter running gear! If you don't have plans the end of January then you should join us, too. 

Love this keychain they gave us! 

Last but certainly not least we attended the running seminar hosted by Bart Yasso, running legend turned writer for Runner's World Magazine. We enjoyed listening to him tell stories of various race experiences and answer questions from the audience. I'm a little more willing to give Yasso 800's a try after hearing him describe the training plan, the half marathon version of course! 

Bart Yasso and the Badass Babes 

All in all the PRR expo was a blast, both days! We felt well prepared for the race itself after attending the expo. 

Up next on the blog : Peachtree Recap: the good, the bad and the ugly! 



  1. Race expos are like Christmas for me! But my husband always wants to run through it and get out as fast as he can. I need expo buddies like you!! I want to do the Peachtree one day! Any chance you Badass gals are doing Run like a diva in DC?
    emma @ a mom runs this town

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment, I thought I replied earlier but it didn't post from phone. We are not coming up for the Diva run. All of our fall races are in Ga or Fla with the exception of the WRS Nashville in Sept.

  2. You are a terrible influence! I went straight to the Bondi Band website and ordered a couple, since finding decent-looking headgear with the short hair can be a challenge. Then I also remembered you get RunnerBox and since I had my card out, I went over to that website too. Such an inspiration for running AND shopping!

    1. You're hilarious!! I'm glad you find the blog inspiring, that's my reason for keeping it going :-). Hope the running is going well, less humid right?!