Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

7 day until I participate in one of my favorite races!! 

Peachtree Road Race is the largest race  in the United States ~ 60,000 runner friends

2011 was the 1st year we ran this race. We had not really trained for a run, we just wanted to spend July 4th in a unique way. We were hooked, on the drive home we committed to running it the following year. 

Here's a few of our favorite Peachtree Road Race memories: 

Making our way to the start line...

Having a little fun while waiting for our wave to begin! 

After Party in Piedmont Park! 
1st year times : Todd -1:03; Scott - 1:10; Allison- 1:10; Mitzi- 1:15

2012 - no boys this trip! 
Waiting for the start...

PRR x 2 - WOOT! 

We did it! 
2nd year times : Allison - 1:06; Mitzi - 1:11; Brandi - 1:18

"Heat, Hills, Humidity" is the slogan!  

This year it may live up to that slogan; however, I am ready! We have been getting in training runs in the heat to help our bodies adjust. I am looking forward to spending another July 4th in one of my favorite cities with a few of my favorite friends. 

Many have asked if I have a goal for this race, clearly they know me well! I realize with 60,000 people it's hard to set a goal. I have gotten much faster in the past year so 
my goal is to be under an hour for this 10K. 
Wish me luck!! 


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