Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I Run...

It's national running day! Who knew there was a day for runners to celebrate our sport!! I love this idea! 

Many often ask "Why do You run?" Well, I tell you!! I used to say that I run for ME. While it is true that running is the one activity I have that is for me. My feelings on why I run have evolved a little bit. 

I began "really" running in February of 2010. I was facing a divorce and I knew if I didn't get a handle of myself I'd be headed down a long depressed road. I hit the pavement and the treadmill as much as possible. Some will say I became obsessed with my running back then (they might still say that I am obsessed), it was is not an obsession it is dedication! It is a dedication to Riley that I will stay healthy for him, a dedication to myself that I will continue to do something challenging for me, and a dedicated time for me to talk to Christ. I am thankful for all those miles back in 2010 without that quiet time who knows where I would be today! 

I have tried to use my running to be a motivator or inspiration to others around me. I share the good, the bad and the ugly with people so they can see it's not easy but the results are worth it. I could have totally shut out the world in 2010 (yes, there were days I did); however, if I had not gotten off the couch I would have never gotten to experience the life I have now. I very much believe that faith and fitness mirror each other. In both you must keep going and not give up. One results in a healthy earthly body and mind, the other results in a healthy heavenly soul. I'm selfish I guess because I want both! 

I enjoy running, I actually still get excited before every race whether it's a 5K , 10K or a Half Marathon. I love the places my running has taken me. I look forward to completing my 2013 running calendar with several race road trips included! I love that I have friends who enjoy running as much as I do. I love those friends that don't run but support me at every step, too! I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary on May 5th. One of my favorite memories from that day was that my bridesmaids supported me so much that the morning of the wedding we walked/ran about 2 miles to get Starbucks. Yes, they all got up at the crack of dawn and went with me for this little jog to sanity! HA! That is what I call a support system! 

I enjoy the way running makes me feel. Even on days when I am tired, cranky, etc.. I can lace up those shoes, go for a quick 3 mile run and its amazing how awesome I feel afterwards. This past Saturday I set the alarm and went for a run at 6:00am so that I could just simply enjoy the remainder of the day. The North Florida heat has arrived so adjusting to that is hurting my running a little bit. I know this little struggle will only make me stronger and I hope faster in the fall! 

My favorite runs are when my son and husband join me! I believe there is nothing more important than family time. When my family time includes a run or a training session at the gym I am one happy Momma! 

Since January 1, 2013 I have completed 15 races, varying distances and paces! I'm looking forward to the fall Half Marathon season! 

So that my friends is "Why I Run"!

I hope all my Runner Friends have a great time celebrating National Running Day! I'm hoping the weather will be okay for a late afternoon with my husband - hint hint Mr. Woods! 


My loves running together

My girls!! 

Steve Ellis 5K

My BRB and I 


  1. Fifteen races already? Wow!! Impressive!!

    1. Thanks Lori! Our running community is great. We have a race option almost every weekend during spring.