Monday, June 3, 2013

Reflection & New Goals

This past weekend I had plenty of down time for some much needed personal reflection. I usually try to take the beginning of each month to evaluate where I am with my goals. The schedule we kept this weekend provided ample opportunity for me to sit poolside and see if I have been successful the past 6 months into 2013. 

May proved to be another crazy month! We made it through the end of 4th grade with Riley, whom I must brag finished on the A/B Honor Roll! We survived the end of regular season baseball with Riley. His team finished by winning the Minor League Championship at our park. Keeping his grades up during those last crazy weeks makes this Momma extremely proud! 

May also provided the start of a new workout routine for Mom. Scott has been great about getting Riley to school 3 days a week so I could take part in the new 8 week Tabata Bootcamp with the Badass Fitness group. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this program and I have been blown away by its difficulty. We weighed in and took measurements on the first day, then I had a good cry. I hate (I do mean hate) weighing and getting measured! Two weeks later on Memorial Day we weighed in and took measurements again. This time no tears! After just 2 weeks of this serious bootcamp I lost 2 pounds and 1 inch around my waist. Ok, so maybe this bootcamp will be worth all the extra craziness with our schedules! Stay tuned for more on this little gem! 

May brought along a one year anniversary, a birthday and mother's day all within a one week span! It was great fun to celebrate all three with my family. We are a blessed little bunch and praise God daily for all he has done for the three of us. We will continue to share all of life's little moments together... after all that's what life is all about, right? 

I also completed the Moms Run This Town - Squat Challenge - OH MY! We started out by doing 50 squats. We increased that number daily and on May 31st I finished by doing 250 squats. It was a great challenge that I incorporated into my daily routine. These monthly challenges are something I have grown to look forward to! 

Now, we're into June! I'd say my goals are still intact. While I would like to see more movement in an area or two I know that God has perfect timing. Although I am beyond frustrated with a few things he knows what I need more than I do. At this point I know I need to take a breath and let it go! We have a new MRTT Ab challenge. Riley has started summer camp at the church. I have no doubt June will be another exciting month, hehe! 

June Goals : #1 - continue my growth in the Tabata Bootcamp, #2 -Run the Watermelon 5K, #3 - Embrace Paddle Boarding (there will be a blog update with photos for this one - HAHA!), #4 - continue training for Peach Tree Road Race & #5 - Enjoy lots of pool time with family and friends! 

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