Monday, July 1, 2013

Did I meet all my goals for June 2013?

It's that time...a recap of June!! 

I listed my June Goals as : #1 - continue my growth in the Tabata Bootcamp, #2 -Run the Watermelon 5K, #3 - Embrace Paddle Boarding (there will be a blog update with photos for this one - HAHA!), #4 - continue training for Peach Tree Road Race & #5 - Enjoy lots of pool time with family and friends! 

When I wrote my blog about my May goals and looking into June we didn't know that Riley would be chosen a few days later to play on the Allstar team for our little league park. While this was super news, I was selfishly worried about missing my gym time in the afternoons. Knowing that I needed to stay focused on my workouts to complete my training I devised a new plan that would include me running and/or walking while Riley was at practice. The team had practice every night for two weeks so there was no excuse for me to miss an evening run/walk. Riley made me one proud baseball momma!! He had a great Allstar season, only for to end on Saturday afternoon. It was a bittersweet ending for everyone. 

I secretly set a goal of running 50 miles in June. I'm happy to say that I crushed that goal! I ending June on a great note and can't wait to see the final results of my training on Thursday at the Peachtree Road Race! 

The girls and I had a great time paddleboarding. If you missed the recap you can read it here. We are already planning another trip to paddleboard. All we need is this Florida weather to straighten out, the summer afternoon rain showers are turning into all day rain showers. We are determined to ma

I obtained another PR at the Watermelon 5K, even though I missed being sub-28 by a few seconds it was a great day. Here's the recap from that run! It was the last local 5K until fall and I already miss my Saturday mornings with our runner friends. See y'all in September for The Color Run! 

Tabata Bootcamp has been great. My measurements and weight number haven't changed all that much since my last update. I am stronger and I think it's starting to show, haha! I am close, very close, to having the "hover" movement perfected! I've got until July 11th to get it! I'm closing out these past 8 weeks with a new motto "Strong is the new Skinny". I can't wait to see all the ending results  from this inaugural Badass Fitness Tabata Bootcamp. I can't wait to celebrate everyone's success. 

I'd say June was a very successful month and kept me well on my way to achieving those 2013 goals! Now, what will July hold?? 

First, July will test my running legs! Peachtree Road Race - July 4th...finish is the idea, under an hour is the goal! July 7th brings about VBS at Fellowship Baptist Church. I love spending the week with our church friends. Our goal is show the children the love of Christ, if one child comes forward to be saved then we've done our job! VBS is always an awesome time of year.  July 11th will be the final day of Tabata Bootcamp for me, I will miss finishing off the program with the morning crew! I will be excited to see all the before and after photos!! Scott, Riley and I have a few trips planned for the month of July, we are all very excited to escape town together for a few days! 

I hope you have seen success throughout the month of June as well. If you haven't set your goals for July, you need to get busy! It's July 1st so no time like the present!! 


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  1. Way to go, Mitzi!!! I know about the hover challenge but it wasn't until today that I discovered the "heel click" challenge (and there was NO TOTO anywhere!!!). Great job w/your goals and congrats to Riley (and I want to do that SUP yoga thing sometime too!!!).