Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm HAPPY to be back!

Ever have those times where you just need a break? Well that would describe me lately! I have been off enjoying two family trips, one to Sea World and one to Navarre Beach. Both were fairly relaxing and provided us with some down time with each other. Our little family three loves to travel so we enjoyed our road tripping! We are back to mostly normal routine and on the countdown to back to school for RJ! 

I have managed to keep up my workout / running routine while traveling. (With the exception of this past weekend when I forgot my running shoes, fail!) I even managed to complete another month of running 50 miles - YAY! Again, another hot & humid month but I didn't let it hold me back. Within those 50 miles I completed two 10K's virtual races. 

First, was the Mom's Run This Town Running Mad 10K. The medal for this race was super cute and swag bags from our chapter leaders were amazing. We ran this race in the rain and laughed the whole time. Our MRTT group might be the happiest people I know, everyone is always so encouraging and upbeat - not matter the conditions. We all run for different "purposes" and it's nice to see all smiles on the faces of these kick butt women! My time for that race was 1:01:42, guess running in the rain is beneficial! 

My bib number was #1 - love that! 

Our Swag!! 

Next up was the Happy 10K Virtual Race benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I completed a previous virtual race with the folks at Run HAPPY Races and it was a great experience. When they announced the summer 10K race I jumped at the chance to donate and help them raise money the toward their Team in Training goal for LLS. I never pass up the opportunity to donate to LLS. I had two family members pass away within a year of each other from Leukemia. Uncle Bud was the favorite Uncle on my Dad's side of the family. Who cares that he was the only Uncle, he'd have been the favorite regardless! Uncle Ricky, better known as Uncle RicRic, was my son's best friend. Ricky always treated me like family, overlooking the fact that his nephew and I had divorced. RJ and I could always count on Ricky to be there for church and family activities, baseball games and swimming in the pool with his little buddy. These two men were both extremely faithful. They were honest, hard working devoted family men as well. Oddly enough they never met; however, I have no doubt they're having a blast fishing and hunting in plentiful fields of heaven now! Knowing that my simple donation of $25.00 might help in research for this cause is enough to get me out of bed at 5:00am to go run 6.2 miles before a hectic work day! It helps that our MRTT is very spirited in the mornings and we chat throughout our runs! So yesterday I completed 6.2 miles in 1:04 in honor of Uncle Bud and Uncle RicRic! 

It is not too late for you to take part in the Happy 10K Race. Check out their website and register! 

I also ended July with another 50 miles under my belt!! This is such a great feeling because last year all my training went downhill in the summer months, even my gym sessions. I saw several posts this morning from friends who completed up to 100 miles in the heat of July, I say "GO US" for keeping up our training in the HEAT and HUMIDITY of North Florida.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer, 4 weeks 'til school starts! Get after those summer goals, NOW!

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