Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

As promised here is a list of my 2013 Goals! Yes, I choose to say goals rather than resolutions. I feel as though I am more likely to keep going toward a goal than an end. As a resolution seems like an ending not a beginning. So here you go, read the list and you keep me accountable towards my goals for this coming year!

Whole 30 : In the past I have wrestled with trying to learn to "eat clean" and I failed on many attempts. I used to think I ate healthy until I read the book associated with this program "It Starts with Food". WOAH, was I completely wrong. Under the encouragement of our Badass Army Drill Sgt, Shannon Colavecchio, I decided to give this program a try. (Check out her blog, it's amazing because she is amazing!! I will post more on this program as we progress towards to the end of the 30 days, today is only day 2!

Run For God : This is a program that I will help lead as well complete along side my running buddy, Allison Carter. We came across this bible study while attending the Peachtree Road Race Expo in July. God moved our hearts to immediately begin working out details to host this program at our church, Fellowship Baptist of Tallahassee. We begin next Thursday, Jan 10th and we have almost 40 people signed up. This is going to be such a blessing to each of the participants and I can't wait to watch them grow spiritually and physically. I will share updates and stories as we work toward our goal of running in the Springtime Tallahassee 5K as a church family.

13 in 2013 : This is the big one for me! I am going to attempt to complete 13 races, mostly 10K's and Half Marathons, in the year 2013. Now, stop shaking your head and rolling your eyes! This is a very attainable goal. Last year we set out to do one half marathon in March, the Seaside Half, and finished the year out with a total of three marathons under out belt. We finished the Atlanta Monster Dash Half in late October and the Pensacola Half in early November. We became members of the national running club called "The Half Fanatics" by completing the later two in less than 17 days!! Back to 2013, we kick off our race calendar this coming Saturday, Jan. 5th as we run the Winter Runnerland Half Marathon then on the 19th we will run the Zooma Florida Half Marathon in Amelia Island. I am praying for continued good health and strong legs. Stay tuned for results of these races and many more after that!

I also have some personal goals that I will be working on while working towards the above. Those goals involve Scott and Riley. We will be doing more family activities. Being together as a family is a goal for me every year as all the above will keep me around to enjoy my family!

2013 looks to be a busy year and I can't wait!

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  1. Dear Mitzi, I am not shaking my head and rolling my eyes - more like I am in awe of your goals and so proud of all you are doing for yourself and others. Running incorporates a lot of spirituality for me -- I think it's awesome that you're doing the Run for God.