Saturday, April 27, 2013

Full Heart = Happy Runner

Today we ran the Red Shoe Run, a 10K benefitting our local Ronald McDonald House. A charity that has helped so many of my friends and I pray will continue to receive the funding needed to continue their great work! 

I woke up with a terrible cough, snuffy nose and felt yucky overall. I just prayed it would pass and continued with my pre-race preparation! I have been resting and taking it easy due to an IT Band issue that started back in February. This was my longest run / race since that all started. I knew I had the option of joining some friends for the 5K but really wanted to push for the 10K! 

Crystal picked me up right at 7:00am and we made our way to Southwood. We love to run in the Southwood Community, it's mostly flat and provides shady areas. We were joined by several of running friends. Our group is growing like crazy so pre-race is always full of laughter and silliness! I enjoy this group so much! 

The race started promptly at 8:30am, always appreciated! The route was great; however, the signs marking the race route were confusing. I stayed within sight of my running buddies, Tonya & Cory for a good portion of the race. I skipped getting water at the first water station and really wanted some at the second station; however, there weren't enough volunteers there and I missed out on getting water. I was frustrated by that as I was feeling a little parched and needed a little sip of something! I had to fight off the frustration and just focus on running. The turn off for the 10K runners was also a little confusing so again I relied on my girls to go the right way, they did. Somewhere between miles 3 and 4 we were on the out and back portion of the run. This was perfectly timed! My leg was telling me to quit to just walk, my heart was saying just run and my mind was getting lost in the middle of trying to decide what to do. All of a sudden I look up to see my best running buddy, Allison, waving and sending me a high five in the air. Then shortly after I saw our friend Cindy, who was screaming and hollering with excitement. Next was Tonya with her sweet smile. After I made the turn I saw two more of our Mom's Run This Town girls, Tammy and Becky again with more high fives and smiles! This little bit of on course encouragement was exactly what I needed! I kept running, thankfully water station three was staffed by a family friend, Amy and her girls, they took care of us with plenty of water cups ready. I managed to stay under 10 minute miles and finished with a 10K PR at 1:01:25. 

My leg is a little tight but thanks to my foam roller and some Advil I think it will be okay. (Will keep you posted, ha) My heart is very full after today's run! I am reminded on a daily basis why God has placed certain people in my life. We all encourage each other every single day. We don't need a run to show our friends we care; however, it was a blessing to me today to see them on that route. We are Sisters in Faith and Fitness! 

Love these girls! 

Congrats to Megan and Aunt Kim on a great first 5K! 

My Best Buddies! 

Badass Babes, Sweat Pink Sisters, My Mentors 

Let me close by saying that my heart is extra full today as I celebrate this race but more importantly I celebrate 3 years of being with the greatest person ever, my husband! 3 years ago today we went on our first date and have never looked back. He was a bright shining star during a very dark time in my life. As the quote says "He was willing to take my baggage and unpack it." In many ways, he made that past his own by loving my son, Riley, as if he were his own flesh and blood. As many of you know, next week we celebrate one year of marriage. We both agreed we would not ever stop celebrating April 27th as it was the best lunch date ever! We are heading to celebrate under the oaks at Dick Howser Stadium, just as we spent our first weekend together, cheering on the Florida State Seminoles baseball team! 

I love you, Mr. Woods

I hope everyone who has a run this weekend will experience great encouragement and happy miles! 



  1. Glad you had such a great race experience. I am always happy for out and backs for the exact reason you said .... usually those of us who are farther back benefit from the encouragement from those farther up. And race issues like poorly staffed hydration/poor directions are a frustration -- good for you for pushing through that. And happy first date-a-versary to you and Scott! ~ Paula

  2. Thanks Paula! I am not the only who had a complaint about the course. None of let that stop us from having a great run!