Thursday, February 20, 2014

13.1 awaits....

Wow... the 26.2 with Donna The National Breast Cancer Marathon is in two days! It seems like yesterday when we registered for the race and now here we are on the eve of our road trip to Jacksonville. We've been training really hard for the half marathon and even added a team member in the final weeks of training. I'm very humbled by the donations to our team. We were not able to reach our goal total but I am still very proud of our team! Way to go girls!

Our team will be short two Sole Sisters. During the last few weeks of training Shannon and Allison had issues with knee strain and both decided it was best not to run. I know how they feel having dealt with a similar issue last year; however, they are smart by sitting this one out. As Shannon says often "We gotta have our knees for the rest of our lives!" Being the awesome people that they are these two have decided to join us on Saturday for a little pre-race excitement. Not only do they want to pre-race party with us but they are going to cheer us along the race course! I can't wait to see my girls along the way. I have no doubt they will make sure people around them know who they are cheering for on Sunday morning! The CEO and VP of Group Fitness are the life of the party and will surely have their own great experience being the best cheerleaders E.V.E.R!!! 

This week during several workouts at the Badass Fitness studio the Mandisa song Overcomer has been played. Tonight while it was playing during our IndoRow class I couldn't hep but think about the upcoming race. I'm running a race to reach the finish line to receive my beautiful medal; however, several of the runners this weekend will be running a very different race than me. Many of the runners will be Breast Cancer Survivors, many will be honoring a loved one battling this disease,  many will be running in memory of someone special they lost to Breast Cancer and many like me just want to support the cause and help find a cure! 

We are all Overcomer's, none more so than a cancer survivor and their families. Tonight as we rowed I just prayed for the ladies that I will be honoring this weekend. I prayed for Sharon Gant and her family as she battles every day. Sharon has shown her strength and faith since day one! She has Overcome every little surprise along the way with grace. I prayed for Shannon Harrill, a long time friend of my husband, who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Shannon just had a very successful surgery and starts the reconstructive process very soon. Her family has rallied around her and she will Overcome this disease. I prayed for my friend Robin Bennett as she continues to grieve the loss her mother, Carol Butler. Robin had planned to run the half marathon this year but suffered a foot injury. In honor of Robin and her Mom, I will run those miles for her! These ladies all have the power of prayer behind each of them! This weekend I will dedicate my 13.1 miles to these special ladies and a few others as well. 

Yes, 13.1 may await me but many around me have bigger battles ahead of them. I'm looking forward to sharing a race weekend re-cap with you all early next week! We're hoping for great weather, at least by Sunday!

Have a great weekend! 

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