Thursday, February 27, 2014

In honor of Throwback Thursday...

As many of you know I am an avid sports fan, what you may not know is that I love baseball. It doesn't matter if it is my son playing ball, it is a high school game, if it is NCAA baseball or MLB baseball I love the game! This stems from growing up with a Grandmother and Grandfather who loved the Atlanta Braves. Some of my favorite memories in the later years with my Gram, as I called her, where the days we would take her to S. Florida to watch the Braves Spring Training games. She was at her happiest sitting on the 3rd base line watching ol' Chipper catch a ball or two! My Grandfather didn't mind yelling at the players on TV to let them know they missed a great play. He knew every statistic imaginable about his Braves! 

So it makes perfect sense that I met Scott during baseball season and quickly realized he is an avid follower of the game as well. Of course, he likes my teams biggest rivals! That just adds an extra element of fun to our relationship! I cheer for his Marlins and Hurricanes as long as they aren't playing my Braves or Seminoles and vice versa. Truth be known, he cheers for my teams a lot more often since we go to so many local games. 

This coming weekend provides a little extra fun in our home as we attend the annual three game series of the Hurricanes vs Seminoles. I always look forward to this series. Back in 2010 when we first met we spent several afternoons at the gym discussing the series, maybe it was my baseball knowledge that made the light go off in his head that made him realize I was a keeper!! (His response to that comment will be interesting, hahaha)

Since we have such a common love for the sport, I have always found it very appropriate that our first photo taken together was at a baseball game! 

May 2010
Dick Howser Stadium
Florida State University 

Of course, we have taken many more photos  at various baseball games since that day! I look forward to this weekend and many more like it watching the boys of summer play ball! 


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  1. I love watching baseball in person. They are so much more fun then televised games. =)