Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#sunsational ... My review of Sunshine Burgers!

#SUNSATIONAL is a great way to describe Sunshine Burgers! I was a little apprehensive when Fit Approach offered the opportunity to be reviewer for the burgers. I had never tried anything like them and I am so glad I jumped out of my little box. My husband and I LOVE them! 

Carol Debberman began making these little gems for her own children at home, since then Sunshine Burgers has become America's #1 brand organic veggie burger. Sunshine Burgers are made with certified organic ingredients. They are free of gluten, soy, corn, canola, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or eggs. 

We were so excited after we received our box of samples, we couldn't wait to give them all a try. My favorite was Garden Herb flavored burgers. The Garden Herb is the original recipe, no wonder it is the top seller! They were great when simply cooked as directed on the package and paired with a salad!! 


The burgers are very convenient for taking lunches to work. One day I added the Loco Chipotle to my salad for the day. Just a simple spinach mix salad with tomato, a little blue cheese and a vingeratte dressing. This may become my "go-to" meal of the week. 

Lunch On The Go! 

That same evening my husband ate the other Loco Chipotle burger alongside a bowl of soup. This is by far his favorite. He loves a good spicy meal so this was perfect for him! Sadly, I forgot to get a photo of his awesome dinner. 

Sunshine Burgers can be found in various locations such as Whole Foods and Publix. You can check out their website and use to the store locator to find a retailer new you. I was very excited to spot these little boxes of flavor at our local Publix over the weekend. So much so that I might have danced a little then snapped this photo: 

In the frozen section... BBQ! 
Well, I guess we will going to Publix to try that flavor next! 
Notice how popular they are, the shelves are almost empty. 

Also, on their website you will find a recipe section. We've been on the go so much lately that we haven't had a chance to try any of these yet. I can't wait for life to slow a little bit so we can pick one to cook for the family! 

Aside from the overall healthiness of these burgers, they are excellent. They will be a common item found in my freezer! 

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Twitter: @SunshineBurger

Thanks Fit Approach and Sunshine Burgers for helping me get out my box! 

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  1. I also tried the Loco Chipotle flavor first and looooved it! So yummy! And now I'm dying to try those barbecue ones!