Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another month flew by!

The month of July flew right by me! I really need the clock to slow down just a bit! Our trip to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race was one that we will not soon forget! We came away with so many hilarious memories and stories to tell…oh and all the new hashtags! The group of 11 definitely made the most of 4 days in Atlanta. 

Can we talk about the weather? The weather was PERFECT the entire weekend. We were quite spoiled by those temps in the month of July. 

We also left the Peachtree Road Race with several PR's! In 2013 I finished in 1:07:21, this year I finished under an hour at 57:31! Just goes to show how much the cross training and better nutrition has aided my running ability! Needless to say we are still laughing at the events of this trip and we're already planning our return in July 2015. 

The 11! 

We mastered the #selfie in Atlanta! hehe! 

Love this crew so much and our photographer, too! 

The rest of the month has been days of sitting poolside and being thankful to be together! This summer has not provided much vacation time for Scott and I; however, we have taken advantage of the beautiful beaches that are only a day trip away from us. We may not have taken a "big trip" but we sure have enjoyed the slower pace of summertime weekends!! 


RJ and I at Henderson Beach State Park

Badass Babes

Now, it's August! We will celebrate Scott's 40th birthday this weekend. And, we're only 10 days away from meeting Riley's 6th homeroom teacher. That means we're 12 days away from him official starting middle school. EEK! I am off to shed a few more tears! While Riley has been wrapping up the end of his summer, I completed another TRX certification, making the Badass Fitness studio one of the few in town that offer the TRX Team format. I can't wait to see what this new level of training will mean for our clients as we begin to implement that training into our classes. 

TRX Team certification 

The Badass Fitness TRXteam Instructors

The BAF team also kicked off another round of Tabata Bootcamp, making this Shannon's 7th round of bootcamp! This program is life changing and I love seeing new faces each round. These bootcampers are going to have an amazing 8 weeks. 

During our weekend downtime at the pool or by the ocean I had a little time to reflect on my goals. I have to say that I am on track to accomplishing most, if not all, of them by the end of the year. None of this would be possible without trusting and having faith in God. While somethings didn't go as I had planned (or wanted), I know in my heart there's a reason. I'm excited to see what else God has planned for our little family of three and the team at Badass Fitness! 

Bring on the fall…Middle School, Football, Half Marathon(s), anything else in between, we'll be ready!! 

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  1. As much as I hate any and all things fitness and running related, your posts actually spark my curiosity and always make me wish I was more into it. Obviously, it's addicting in the best kind of way! In fact, if I lived in TLH I might (MIGHT!) even try out Bootcamp, as long as you would promise not to laugh at me! =) I admire you for your dedication and wish I had it in me to be as motivated as you are! You've definitely found your passion in life and I'm proud for you!