Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Birthday Getaway!

In order to squeeze in one more family vacation Scott, RJ and I headed east to Jacksonville to meet up with my parents to celebrate Scott and My Dad's birthday's. I think it's pretty cool that I married a guy with the same birthday as my Dad! They are both football fans when we found that Scott's favorite NFL team the Miami Dolphins would be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars we decided we to make a weekend of it! The weather was a little hot. Like always you can set your clock by the 3:30pm rain shower/storm but each night after it rained the weather was divine! We enjoyed being on the river and relaxing a good portion of the trip. 

Thursday night we stayed around the hotel and let RJ enjoy the pool. He loved it and so did we! Friday we slept in until 8am. This never happens! I did feel a little guilty for missing my morning workout; however, it also felt great to get some rest! Later that morning we walked over to the M.O.S.H. It's a nice museum, a lot bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. They have some really great exhibits. One of our favorites was the Currents of Time exhibit. It takes you on a tour of Jacksonville from the 1200's to present, very neat! It was a great indoor activity to avoid the heat!  That evening it was game time! Football is a favorite family event for our crew, we were all excited to get to the stadium. We took in all the fun tailgating activities that were set up for the fans. We enjoyed watching the NFL debut of one our favorite former Seminoles, Lonnie Pryor. It didn't matter to us that Lonnie was playing for the Jaguars, we always support our Seminoles! We also enjoyed watching all the new Dolphins. RJ was able to get his hat autographed by a new Dolphin player. All in all the game was great fun and the Dolphins won! 

Saturday we hit one of our favorite dining places in Jacksonville, The Metro Dinner. Their French Toast is the best I have ever eaten. It may take me weeks to work off all that sinfulness but it was worth every bite! RJ got more food than he could ever have eaten but loved it! After our bellies were full we headed out to finish up the back to school shopping. Did I mention it was hot this weekend? We picked the hottest day ever to shop at the St. John's Towne Center within a few hours we were done, back to school shopping is complete!! Saturday evening we had one final celebration for Scott and Grandfather's birthday at the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I was a little apprehensive to eat there for two reasons: #1 - Scott, RJ and I had a race to prepare for on Sunday #2 - I had a previous terrible experience and was scared for a repeat. Our meal was nothing short of fabulous! Everyone had a great time and we had excellent service! The three of us were fully carb-loaded and ready for our race the next day! 

My parents decided to leave Sunday morning to avoid getting home super late. My little family of three stuck around for the Drenched 5K (race recap to come in a later post). After the race we decided to hit one more favorite restaurant before heading back to Tallahassee.  We made the short drive over to River City Brewing Company. Upon our arrival we were surprised to discover that on Sunday all they serve is brunch. What a great surprise it turned out to be! Brunch consisted of breakfast goodies along with Crab Legs, Peel n' Eat Shrimp, Smoke Salmon, Pork Loin, Salad, Fresh Squash... oh the list could go on and on!! This might go down as the best post-race meal ever, haha! It was the perfect ending to our little getaway. 

Here's a few pictures from this great trip: 

Our trip may not have been to an exotic location and it may not have been filled with the something to do every second of the day but it was simply perfect! We had plenty of time to relax and really enjoy being together. Scott, RJ and I always look forward to our little weekend getaway's such as this one. However, this one marked the "End of Summer 2013" for our little family of three! 

I have been a little behind on my posts lately with the beginning of the school year! I will post the Drenched 5K recap this week and a little update on how 5th grade is going for the boy. 

Back soon,

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