Thursday, January 17, 2013

Run for God - Week #2

Tonight's bible study provided us with another great night full of discussion and digging deep into the scripture to gain the knowledge of how to stay on track and keep up the good fight. I had the pleasure of sharing my "Why I run" story with the group. Many of whom have been living that story alongside me. In last week's post I shared that story; however, sharing it tonight was rather interesting. What most in attendance didn't know is that today would've been my 9th anniversary with my ex-husband. I'm so blessed for the people and strength that God has brought me during that time. I'm happy to share my story if it means someone gets a blessing from it! 

Tonight we heard stories of people who never even dreamed they could run getting out there and going 2 miles around the neighborhood this week. We heard stories of one group who laughed and chatted during their run. That group was shocked to learn they had gone over 2 miles without even thinking about it, ha! I had the pleasure of running with one of my best friends, who used to run and has completed 2 half marathons. She and I used to run all the time and it was fun to run our old route together twice this week. I also had the pleasure of joining two other girlfriends for a run and mini-front yard bootcamp. We giggled and talked the whole time. That particular run included running in my old neighborhood where I learned to love the sport of running. I'd say that's a "God Thing". God wanted me to run those old areas as a reminder of where I had been, where I feel in love with running and where I would continue to go! I'm thankful for those miles this week, more than those friends will ever know! 

We learned tonight that trials will come but we have the endurance and the character to have HOPE to get through them. If you've not experienced a major trial yet, just hold on you will. 

Once the study concluded we were joined by Shaw from Shaw's Athletics. Who knew Mr. Shaw was so chatty! He taught us about proper footware for running and walking - yes, there is a difference. He taught us about gate, taught us not to wear cotton sock, and taught everyone that the foot has 60,000 sweat glands in it (hence the reason not to wear cotton socks, hahahaha). Needless to say we are all thankful for him visiting with the group this evening. I think he will be a busy fella this weekend with several R4G visitors, especially after offering a little discount to the group! 

Now, I am off to pack....that's right it's ZOOMA Florida weekend. We are one excited group of girls. Watch out Amelia Island the Badass Babes are coming for ya!! I will have a post-race update on Monday. For now, please pray for safe travels and a good run for each of us. We will run our race and we will praise God every step of the way for the opportunity to be out there competing. 

Love always, 

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  1. Thank you for sharing all that, Mitzi. It is amazing and incredible to watch people falling in love with running .... but even more important is the bonds people make while doing so. I hope you have a BLAST at your half marathon; you'll rock it I know and will bring back memories for a lifetime. Paula