Sunday, November 17, 2013

Family, Friends, Tons of Fun

Florida State Homecoming comes around once a year, the same time every year. Myself and many friends around campus look forward to welcoming back alumni, friends as well as family for the big event every year. This year was no different!

Friday the fun began with the annual Homecoming Parade. The weather turned drizzly and a little on the dreary side. I was concerned there would not be a big crowd for the parade but we were pleasantly surprised by the great turnout. I had the pleasure of participating in the parade this year, it was a blast! The route took us through the downtown streets of Tallahassee up to our lovely campus. Later that evening RJ and I attended the dedication of the Marching Chiefs new complex. It was nice to visit with several alumni and it was fun to see RJ playing football on the Chiefs field. He certainly felt right at home, there wasn't a shy bone in that little body! After the dedication we met up with Scott and a few out of town friends at the Block Party downtown. It was a great evening!

Megan and I with the Men's Basketball Team 
at the Homecoming Parade

 RJ at Chiefs practice on Friday evening 

Sunset over Chiefs Field

RJ with the Drum Majors

Saturday brought us game day complete with tailgating, Marching Chiefs Skull Session and a good ol' butt whopping inside Doak Campbell Stadium. Game day is always a fun time. I was a little busier than normal but managed to make it by all the usual tailgates to visit with some of my favorite people. My cousin attended the Marching Chiefs Skull Session with me. What a treat to be on the field with the band doing what they do best! It was also great to take part in surprising a student with a scholarship, she was so excited! It was a great reminder of why I love my job, the students are so awesome. As RJ, Scott and I entered Doak Campbell this weekend I had a moment of sadness. This was our last time in the stadium together for the year. We will miss the last home game next weekend while I know many don't understand it, football games are something we enjoy as a family. This has been a special season, too! RJ has been so into the game this year, it's been a different level of fun! It helps that our team is 10-0 after last night's awesome win! Can I hear a little "Go Noles"?

Megan and I at Marching Chiefs Skull Session

Love these two! 

Last night in Doak for 2013 to watch football at least :-) 

Today we decided to take it easy and clean up around the house. Before we knew it, the garage was cleaned up and we were dragging Christmas boxes out of the attic. Yes, Christmas boxes! We set up the Christmas tree a little bit early. RJ will be with his Dad for Thanksgiving and I will not put it up without him. I'm fortunate that he still wants to help decorate the tree and help "fluff" the branches so I took advantage of it because after all one day this will not matter to him. While decorating the tree this morning I couldn't help but think of a local family who lost their 10yr old son to leukemia this past week. They were able to celebrate Christmas early with him and my heart aches for their family. I enjoyed spending a quiet morning with my guys celebrating the coming of Christmas! 

The tree is up!

A few presents already wrapped! 

This weekend was just about perfect! We have learned to adjust to our arrangement with RJ and have learned to take advantage of the time he is with us rather than worry about when he is not here. I am blessed with an amazing little man! These next few days will be a little tough as I try to enjoy my last few days with him at home before Thanksgiving. I am thankful that God chose me to be his Mom. RJ and I have been through quite in 10 short years but I think it's only made us closer! God has blessed us during all those years, too! God is Good! 

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