Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Fellas + Running = Happy Momma

If you're keeping up with this blog then you know that one of my goals for this year (and every year that I blessed to be alive) is to find unique ways to enjoy more family time with my fellas. This weekend provided us a ton of family time so here's a few highlights! 

Riley has been anxious to get started with the Run for God workouts. We are a little behind with his running due to his schedule with visiting his Dad. This weekend we woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and headed to Godby High School. We ran for a total of 2.72 miles in 31 minutes. We accomplished this by running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds, toward the end of our time we ran from one light pole around to another. Riley had a blast as did Scott and I. To be honest, Riley could have gone a little faster but I held him back so we could work on his breathing. Riley has asthma and while I've never allowed his asthma to hold him back I do feel it is important to teach him proper technique with his running. The best part of this activity was on the way out of the parking lot he thanked us for taking him. How cool is that?! My child thanked us for teaching him to run and be healthy - very cool Mommy moment! 

After our run we spent a few hours at the ball field. We originally planned to attend Children's Day at the History Museum in downtown Tallahassee; however, Riley was invited to a baseball practice with a few of his pals from school. We let Riley decide and he picked baseball - not a surprise! It was good for him to be out there just playing for fun without the pressure of tryouts or being in a game. He is very competitive so even practice can be a bit intense! It was also good for Scott and I to be able to watch him enjoy the morning with his friends and help out around the park. After 2 hours of Riley being on the field for non-stop baseball & me helping with spring baseball registration we were ready for lunch. While on our way to lunch he thanked us again for taking him to play ball! Another very cool Mommy moment, he truly loves the sport and appreciated us changing our plans to take him to play! 

The remainder of the weekend was spent hanging out around the house, watching basketball and even a movie! That never happens, I do mean never. Of course on Sunday we attended church, that afternoon it was back to the ball field for Scott and Riley. 

Sunday evening Riley asked us to take him running one night during the week so we agreed that if he did all his homework without any attitude we would run on Monday evening with the R4G crew. Homework is usually a struggle with him; however, when I arrived at his school to pick him up yesterday he was all smiles. He completed all his homework, including reading and couldn't wait to get home to meet up with Scott. Again, we had a slight change of plans so we wound up back at the track. We only got in 2.5 miles in 31 minutes last night, I just couldn't keep up to a small issue with my IT band . We did intervals of run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds then run 3minutes, walk 3minutes. He seemed to enjoy the 3 minute intervals more than the short ones. Again, we talked about his breathing. He did struggle a little bit so I made him take a few puffs of his inhaler afterwards. We will work through this and just make sure his inhaler is with us each time we run! Overall it was a successful afternoon on the track and he was thankful for us taking him. I love that he is developing a little passion for running!! 

After we settled in last night, Riley asked me to make him dish of the Whole 30 approved Egg Scramble that I made to share with friends on Sunday. I spent a few minutes throwing it together and this morning he ate two plates full of eggs, spinach and turkey sausage. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Riley asking me for anything with spinach in it! 

I hope that you all enjoyed these little highlights from our fun filled weekend! Stay tuned as I will have many posts about baseball as we prepare for player evaluations later in the month of February and Opening Day in April. 

Much love,

Riley, Scott and I after 2.71miles


  1. Well, Mitzi, I love everything about this!!! What a gift. And my daughter was helping at her dance studio's table at the Florida Museum - nothing against children's day but I think most kids your son's age would prefer to be out playing baseball!! It is significant that you paid attention to that -- it's easy for us as parents to force our own motives (or speaking for myself - it is easy to force my own motives or was when they were your son's age).

  2. I loved this post! I wish I could somehow learn to love running as much as you guys do! I don't think I could even run the length of my driveway without feeling like I'm going to DIE!!! I absolutely HATE it! So like I said, I need to figure out how you came to love it so much and get in on your secret! =) I'm glad you guys had a great weekend together! Love reading about your adventures as a family!