Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is my little journey of faith, love, life plus a little exercise! 

I have been encouraged to begin a blog such as this for quite some time. I have been apprehensive about hosting the blog; however, I'm taking the plunge into being a "blogger". I have a feeling the topics will range from my faith to my family to my running activities plus anything in between! I am not an expert on any of those areas of life but I enjoy sharing stories and hope I can at least bring a smile to your face through this blog. 

I am not really sure where to begin, it seems as though lately everyone has shared their 2013 New Years Resolutions. I will follow their lead in another post tomorrow. For now here is a simple introduction of myself and my two fellas!  I am a newlywed, I have a 9 year old son. My husband, Scott, as well as son, Riley, keep me grounded and make me feel very loved. Three of us have been so blessed since becoming a family in May of 2012. We all enjoy college football, traveling, and working out together. Yes, we are a family that goes to the gym or goes for a run together. I will be sharing many stories of our adventures with you :-). 

That's all for now. I must go watch the Sugar Bowl! 

Much love,

P.S. - Your patience with me as I learn the rules in the Blogger world is greatly appreciated.