Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day - a few days early!

This popped up in my email today. 
I would like to say this describes my Mom perfectly! 
She probably doesn't hear enough from my brother or I, well maybe from him because we all know he's the favorite - LOL! (That's a different post for a different day.) 

My Mom taught to me pray about everything. No, I didn't always take her advice on that topic or many others during the growing pains but I take it to heart now. That's why this picture means so much to me from our wedding ... 

GiGi as she is loving referred to by everyone now that she is a "grandmother", heaven help me if she reads this and sees I called a "grandmother".  GiGi is the best, everyone loves when GiGi comes to town! She is the life of the party! She has the best laugh and the best "you're in trouble look". The girls and I love when GiGi can join us for a beach trip, oh the stories we could tell... right Mom?! 

No worries Mom, your blackmail pictures are safe with me! HAHA! 
Truth be known they were deleted, on accident :-( 

GiGi is also a pretty good personal shopper. I don't have to worry too much when she sends me a text to let me know she has picked up a dress or top for me. I think she missed her calling in her life, monogramming is great but she would've been a killer personal shopper for the famous! 

Proof is the picture, hehe! 

Then there's her life as a grandmother, oh man there's that word again! Riley may not always tell her or show it but he loves his GiGi. To be quite honest, I am not sure he likes the rest of us calling her GiGi, either! 

Riley with GiGi after her first 5K! 

The whole crew at GiGi's first 5K! 

Then there's this, proof that she is awesome... shopping the day after Thanksgiving outside Target at 5:00AM : 
Mrs. Brenda and GiGi were real troopers joining us girls for 
an ALL day shopping adventure! 

So Mom this post if for you! 
 We love you and hope you have a GREAT Mother's day!! 
See you tomorrow, hehe! 

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