Thursday, May 9, 2013

my own surprise

I have recently allowed my son to have his own Instagram account. This was met with some angst from my Husband as well has his Dad. I convinced them both I had this under control! Riley has only crossed the given set of rules one time, it won't happen again or it's gone! Riley is a perfected "liker" on Instagram, rarely comments anything and rarely posts anything. That is until Tuesday night! I found this sweet little surprise on my Instagram account, it's a great reminder of the little things that often count with our children. 

On Sunday I posted the above photo as Scott and I were celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. This photo is one of my favorites taken during that amazing day last May. I figured Riley wouldn't even see it much less did I expect a comment from him. Well, he saw it and left the sweetest comment for me. ( For those that don't follow him on there, "sports_zone" is his new instragram name, whatever floats his boat!) 

What a sweet little surprise! It's so often that we rush from home to school, school to baseball or running. I feel like we are always in a hurry and always have "big talks" in my car. Moments like this are a good reminder he is watching, hearing and now reading everything! I hope to continue setting good examples for him to follow! 

Mother's Day is a few days away and I feel mine complete with this one little comment! 

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  1. Love that - I can see why it made your Mother's Day 2013!!